Wood Rot Repairs in Melbourne

Have your damaged wood repaired by skilled professionals

If you have noticed that some of the woodwork at your home or workplace is plagued by moisture and rot, then you should act immediately. Simply take advantage of our wood rot repairs Melbourne service and we will fix this distasteful problem. A skilled and fully equipped carpenter will come to your address and repair the areas that are affected by the unpleasant rot.

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Wood rot repairs for any home or office

If you are dealing with a little wood rot, then in some time you will have a lot of it on your plate. That is why the best thing you can do is to act as soon as you notice the problem. The rot will only spread and cause further damage. So be it for your home or workplace, just call us for a carpenter in Melbourne to deal with the rotting timber.

What type of wood rot are you dealing with?

Oh, that’s right. There are actually not one but two types of wood rot that can affect your property. Here we will explore how you can identify them:

Dry rot, also called brown rot decay, is timber deterioration caused by fungi. Even though it is called “dry”, still some moisture is required in order for the decay to commence. The affected timber appears dark brown and crumbly. Given enough time, wood affected by dry rot will become so brittle that it can be easily crushed into powder.

As you'd expect, wet rot sets in when the timber is affected by moisture. Poor ventilation plus dampness equals rotting wood. The good thing here is that the fungi causing wet rot are unable to transfer to other areas of the timber that are dry. Sometimes, curing the parts affected by dampness can be as easy as drying them. However, just enough moisture might be left behind in order for dry rot to settle in and cause further issues.

How a timber rot repair service usually goes

When the time for your service comes, we will send a fully equipped tradesman to your address. Please make sure that access to the property will be provided. When the handyman arrives, he will carefully examine the woodwork affected by rot and determine what would be the best way to fix the problem. The tradesman might have to go and obtain certain materials and products needed for the repairs. Then he will return, bringing everything necessary to take care of your rotted window sill or frame, floor, cupboard, etc.

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