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There are many reasons for grout to crack or wash away leaving the tiles on your bathroom floors completely exposed to the corrosive effects of water. Some of the causes may include:

  • Too much water or polymer additive in the cement-based grout paste
  • Applying too little thinset resulting in an unstable tile attachment to the cement or stone surface under the tile layer
  • Adding water after the hydration process has already begun and the cement cannot cure (dry) properly
  • Substrate deflection (bounciness) causing grout cracking
  • Insufficient packing of grout mixture in tile joints (not applying enough strength when placing the mixture)
  • You'd need a reliable local grout repair expert to help you fix the problem. Don't hesitate to request and online quote or chat with us
  • Alternatively, you can also ask for a price estimate for installing grout

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Why Use A Pro Re-Grouting, Application Or Repair?

Regrouting requires proper skills, experience, time and knowledge for you to repair with grouting paste on the bathroom floors or kitchen walls. What's more, inappropriately applied grout might cause increased floor deflection. This later leads to tiles cracking, breaking or popping out. Not fixing the grouting often causes severe water damage and expenses totalling in thousands of dollars. Professional grout application in its own turn is also necessary, for newly-tiled floors to prevent future damage, rotten house foundations or water leaks.

Take Care Of Every Other Repair As Well

We know that sometimes there's more than just a grouting job that needs your attention around the house. Som why not make it easier for yourself and order more than one service for a session. Simply, tell us what you wish the technicians to do and it will be completed in no time. You can match tile grouting with services like wall painting or another carpentry service, furniture assembly, house renovations, lights fixtures repair & replacement.

You Ask The Questions, We Answer

Q: Really, is grout application necessary? Can't I just go without it? A: Grout, when applied professionally holds all tiles together in one place. Also, it serves as a filler which protects walls and floors from soaking in water and severe damage.

Q: Is cracked or missing grout a result of poorly applied grout?

A: This is not necessarily true, but still could be the cause. However, you should consider there are other reasons like leaky showers and balcony floors, missing, cracked, permanently stained, crumbling grout lines, efflorescence deposits. Last but not least, come the aggressive cleaning solutions which might cause the grout lines to crack or break away.