Professional Fence Installation And Repair By Reliable Tradesmen

Hassle-free privacy & containment fences installation in Melbourne.

Whether it’s an old fence that needs repair or need a brand new installed, the fantastic fencing contractors in Melbourne are more than qualified to take care of the task. Our speciality is timber fencing, but we are equally able to fit your Melbourne home with colorbond fencing. Or any other type you’d like for that matter. The fencing specialists can tackle anything you need done to your yard’s perimeter.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


What Can The Melbourne Fencing Experts Do For You

Regardless if you're selling or just have bought your house having a fence installed is a great advantage. You can choose between a wide range of styles or materials - containment, privacy or decorative fences- to increase your home's curb appeal. There are a number of benefits when you add a new fence around your home.

  • You won't have to worry if your yard is exposed to the public gaze.
  • You won't have to wonder what pest wandered off your property this time.
  • You'd be able to enjoy the silence after a tiresome day at work.
  • A new fence will give your family and you additional security.
  • You'll increase the value of your home, the perceived living space and its curb appeal.

Your Questions About Our Melbourne Fencing Services Answered

Q: What Fences Can You Install?

A: The technicians can install decorative and privacy wooden fences, metal panels and mesh fences and a lot more. Also, we can assist you with noise cancelling, containment, chainmesh, tubular steel or other fences.

Q: Why Should I Hire Fantastic Handyman Melbourne Technicians?

А: We are one of the leading home improvement companies in Melbourne which offer excellent services at reasonable rates. The fencing experts have been thoroughly trained and have all the right tools and experience to deal with the job.

Q: Do you provide fence repairs?

A: Yes, we do. In fact, we often advise our customers to consider repairing their fences before making a decision to replace it. If part of your wooden fence has started to rot, you can count on our carpenters in Melbourne to replace bad slats, pickets or posts with the same type of wood. We also repair brick, aluminum, PVC, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, and other types of fences. Simply contact us and let us know what you need, and we'll do it, even if it is a simple fence painting job.