Picture Hanging in Melbourne is Now Easier Than Ever

Fantastic Handyman can assure safe and secure wall picture hanging and mirror installation in Melbourne. Although these processes may seem simple at the first glance, you need to make the proper calculations before executing them, lest you want to decorate your floor with your new acquisition.

Instead of worrying about any of this, you can leave all calculations to the seasoned handyman experts in Melbourne. The team will bring measuring tools and ladders to hang your family portrait or rustic painting at the desired height. But that’s not all:

  • Need fancy frames or other custom materials? We can deliver them to you for a bit extra;
  • The painting hanging adepts can come for any workday, weekend, and bank holiday;
  • The price you’ll pay for the service is based on the hours it took to get the job done;
  • Hanging weighty pictures, mirrors & paintings is not a problem – just give us a heads up!

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Have your paintings, framed pictures and mirrors firmly hung by an expert handyman

Our experts will make sure your pictures, mirrors and photo frames are securely hung on your walls. We can successfully hang heavy pictures on brick, plaster and other types of walls. Also if you need TV installation on a wall you can rely on us. Just let us know what you need and we will do it. We can even assist you with fixing cracks and holes in your walls left from old pictures or other sources.

Q: Do I need to take a trip to the hardware store?

A: No, the professional will save you time by bringing all necessary tools and equipment as part of the service. Depending on the specifics of your project, this may include drills, levels, stud finders (for plasterboard walls) and, of course, brackets. For concrete walls, the specialist will also make sure to grab sturdier drill tips to ensure that everything is properly attached to your wall, especially if you have a metal frame mirror or your pictures are hanging from the ceiling.

Q: How is the picture hanging service performed?

A: The specialist will first examine your wall to determine if it can carry the weight of your desired object. In case you have plasterboard or lathe walls, the expert can install picture rail hangers or similar picture hanging fittings to ensure that your painting or mirror will stay firmly in place. If the surface is textured or not properly levelled, the professional will use special laser level picture hanging equipment to adjust your items with millimetre-by-millimetre precision.

Q: How quickly can the expert get the job done?

A: This depends on the task that you want us to perform. Here are some general estimates:

  • It takes about 5 minutes to hang a small-sized (25cm x 25cm) mirror or picture;
  • It takes about 15 minutes to hang a medium-sized (up to 1m x 1m) mirror or picture;
  • It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to hang big-sized (over 1m x 1m) mirror or picture;

Please note that heavy painting hanging jobs will require a team of two handymen.

Q: What if a few stock brackets or nails are missing?

A: Under normal circumstances, your new painting or mirror should come with the right number of materials. If the manufacturer has forgotten to include enough supplies, your specialist can provide you with all the missing bits and pieces. The extra bathroom mirror hangers, heavy mirror hanging wire, brackets or other hardware will then be added to your final service price.

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