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Want to upgrade your home with a cost-effective split-system air conditioning system? Don’t know who to turn to? Well, look no further than Fantastic Handyman! We can help you choose and also install your new AC system the fast and easy way. The technicians we work with happen to be some of the very best in the area - they have years of experience and are fully qualified for the job. The specialists are also insured, so you can rest assured that your AC installation or repair service will be executed professionally. That said, no matter if you need your home updated with a new air conditioning system, or you need to fix the one at your office, we are here to save the day!

How a split-system air conditioning works

As you can already guess by the name of the system, a split AC consists of two separate units - a condenser, which is mounted on the exterior wall of your property, and the fan coil - the part that is installed indoors. The two parts of the split-system AC are connected through a number of electrical cables and pipes that contain a refrigerant. The fan coil (the internal part) can generate either hot or cold air, depending on your preferences. This function is typical only for reverse cycle air conditioning systems and is extremely convenient, because you basically get a 2-in-1 climate control solution.

Another benefit of having a split-system AC, is that you can have multiple interior units installed in separate rooms, that are all connected to one single exterior unit. This climate control option is preferred by many homeowners, who don’t have the required space for a window air conditioner.

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4 major benefits of having a split air conditioning system

You get to lower your bills

Having this type of AC system means that you’ll get to save quite a bit from your bills and you won’t need to deal with that awful noise that other options come with. All of this, thanks to the compressor rotation speed control feature that lets you adjust the system however you want.

It’s affordable and easy to install

Unlike other indoor climate control options, getting a split air conditioning system won’t burn a hole in your pocket, nor will it give you troubles in terms of fitting it. Basically, you can mount the internal unit on any wall in your home or office, without worrying about finding the right location, measuring out the space, etc.

You have full-on control over the temperature in each room

If you opt for the multi-head AC solution, you get to control the temperature in each room you have an internal unit installed.

The indoor air quality is improved

Did you know that most types of split air conditioning systems have special filters and humidity control options that can improve the air in the room the device is located in? How awesome is that!

What to expect from our split-system air conditioning services in Melbourne

If you wish to get a new AC system installed the hassle-free way, Fantastic Handyman in Melbourne is the company to book. From helping you pick the perfect indoor climate control system for your property, to installation and repair services - we can do it all. That said, here is more information about how our services go:

  • After you’ve made your booking with us, we will send a technician to do an on-site inspection and discuss your requirements with you.
  • The professional will pick up your unit and deliver it to you.
  • We will help you choose the perfect place for your new AC system and install it for you.
  • The expert handyman will answer any questions that you might have about the service and also provide you with a safety installation certificate, so your warranty remains valid.
  • If you happen to have issues with your new or current split-system air conditioning, we can also come and repair the device.

Note that our services are suitable for both single and multi-head split air conditioning systems.