Proficient Tile and Grout Repair in Melbourne

Restore the appeal and functionality of your tiles with Fantastic Handyman

Whether they’re chipped, cracked, discoloured, or are starting to fall off, damaged tiles can really put a cloud over even the sunniest of moods. And attempting to repair the damage yourself without any knowledge of what tools or methods to use will often make things worse.

Get the job done up to a high standard by hiring a professional tile repair Melbourne expert. The experienced tiler can carry out anything from regrouting shower tiles to chipped tile repair in order to restore the original appearance of your walls, flooring, stairs, laundry room or shower.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Why Should You Hire Our Tile Repair Services in Melbourne?

There are many things to consider when repairing your tiles. Can they be glued back together in a seamless way? Or do they need to be replaced and re-grouted? At Fantastic Handyman Melbourne, we provide the most value for our customers by training all handymen up to a high company standard. This way, you can be confident that your insured professional will always offer you the best cost-effective tile repair solution, depending on your situation.

Refresh the worn out look of your tiling with efficient tile repair

When the specialist arrives on site, he will carefully inspect the damaged area and assess its current state. If repairs are out of the question and full tiling replacement* is required, the handyman will skillfully fit the new set of tiles on flat and curved surfaces, or around awkwardly-shaped fixtures. The expert has the tools and skills to refresh the looks of:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Porcelain tiles;
  • Quarry tiles;
  • Mosaic tiles;
  • Glass tiles;
  • Marble tiles;
  • etc.

* For any re-tiling jobs, please provide us with spare tiles or let us know in advance so that we can purchase and deliver them to your address. The extra cost will be added to your final bill.

Have in mind that in some cases, the waterproof underneath the tiles might be damaged too and may need repairing.


Why hire the Fantastic professionals for your tile restoration project?

As tiling experts, we strive to make your service experience as fluent and hassle-free as possible. Each pro carries their own products and a rich variety of high-grade adhesives, grouts, and sealers, to quickly remedy the flaws in your tiling. And, if you need any other repair work done at your home, feel free to check our range of home repair services.

Fix all tiling surfaces in your property the convenient way

Your professional can arrive for any workday, weekend, or official holiday, and can work after hours if needed. Once he arrives, he will work hard to deliver the best possible results within your budget, will not cause too much fuss, and will thoroughly clean the work area before exiting the premises. Free quotes for your tiling or grout repair project are also available upon request*!

* Please note that the exact price for your service is calculated after a no-obligation viewing.


Have your tiles firmly glued in place with a reliable grout repair service

Faulty grouting will often result in visible cracks, which will cause the tiling to eventually fall apart. This deterioration is usually caused by continuous exposure to water and heavy duty detergents. If the colours or texture of your grouting have started to wear off, the tiler will use suitable tools and adhesives to tightly seal the joints and keep your tiles in place. We can also offer you a tile regrouting in Melbourne service in case the grouting is damaged beyond repair.

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