Wall Repair in Melbourne

Plaster dents, scratches, holes… let Fantastic Handyman take care of everything

Whether you live in your own house or in a rented apartment, chances are that you are going to damage your plasterboard wall one way or the other. DIY may seem like a tempting approach until you realise that the price for all fillings and paint is way higher than that of hiring a pro.

You don’t have to make the job of repairing plaster walls harder than it already is. The skilled plasterer at Fantastic Handyman Melbourne will bring all tools and products to your doorstep. He will also pick the right colour and sheen to erase any form of damage from your plasterboard walls.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


What Is So Difficult About Fixing Plaster Walls?

For starters, not all plasterboard walls are painted in the same white hue, so buying white paint will not necessarily lead to satisfying results. How shady or sunny your room is can also change how your wall looks. And, if you don’t want the repaired spot to stick out like a sore thumb, you’ll also need to pick the correct sheen (matt, gloss, etc.), which can be time-consuming and costly.

Your plasterer can get everything done in one day. Whether it’s fixing cracks in walls or repairing holes, the colour-matching techniques that each pro uses will ensure that there will be no visible touch-ups for you to worry about. We operate 7 days a week for your convenience and you can also use your smartphone to send us images of the damage for a free quote!

Get your lease deposit back in full

If you’re about to move out but have a little plaster wall situation on your hands, a professional wall repair service is an absolute must. If you go the DIY route, it’s likely that you will end up with a visible spot on your wall that your landlord will immediately see. Ensure that your landlord inspection will go smoothly by having all wall imperfections sorted out by a skilled handyman. If needed, you can rely on us to deal with other home repairs, too.

Fix the damage left by your playful pet

As all pet owners know, dogs and cats just love scratching any surface that they can get their paws on. Sometimes, that includes plaster walls as well. If you need to fix a series of haphazard scratches and dents and don’t own the proper tools, that’s yet another reason to call a Fantastic professional. Usually, wall repairs of such magnitude will only take a couple of hours to perform.

Mask the gaps left by fallen pictures

Covering up our blank walls with beautiful artwork and family pictures is a great way to give them some character. Unfortunately, this method can sometimes backfire when the nail or picture hook falls off. This can result in an unsightly hole, or even in a web of small cracks. Your handyman will make swift repairs so that you can return your paintings to their designated spots.

Accidents happen, but you can easily fix them!

Plaster damage from moving heavy furniture and luggage rank among the top reasons why our customers call us for wall repair in Melbourne. Contact a service representative today to enjoy a free price quote, and mask those dinks and scratches quickly and within your budget. You can also add plaster repairs and ceiling repairs to your booking to deal with more extensive damages.

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