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Enjoy full and effective control over the heating and cooling of your home in Melbourne by installing a ducted air conditioning system with Fantastic Handyman! It is one of the most popular options for residential properties in the city when it comes to heating your house in the cooler months and keeping it nice and cool in the summer.

The system operates via a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner, which is designed to generate hot or cold air that can heat/cool the whole property or get directed only to specific areas for maximum efficiency. The zoning functionality makes this type of system a cost-effective choice, of course.

How the ducted heating and cooling system works

Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling systems offer a perfect solution for domestic indoor climate control. The system consists of several components, such as a central unit, a network of ducts that bring the heated air into the rooms, grilles, vents and a thermostat, which controls the temperature. The central heating unit can be installed under the roof space, for instance, or it can be mounted in the subfloor space. This means that your home can be heated through outlets that are located either on the ceiling or on the floor.

What’s really convenient is that you can control whether you heat or cool the entire house or just a few individual rooms. So, in effect, your home energy consumption can be managed easily by you and this way, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs and energy waste.

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The benefits of installing a ducted heating and cooling system in your home

Complete climate control

The beauty about a reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling system is that it uses a unit which does both jobs - it keeps your home comfortable in the hot weather months, and provides you with a cosy and warm environment when it’s rainy and miserable outside.

Zoning functionalities

Another advantage you get is that your ducted heating system comes with zoning and temperature control options. This means that you choose whether your whole house gets heated/cooled through the ducts and air outlets, or just a few areas or rooms. You are also in control of how warm or cool each zone gets.

Discreet and cost-effective

You don’t need to worry about unsightly ducts that spoil your interior. Both the ducted air conditioner and the network of ducts can be installed and concealed above the ceiling or under the floor. Also, you can easily keep your energy costs down and contribute to the environment because it’s up to you to turn off the system in a said room where it’s not needed.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining your duct air conditioning system is much easier than other heating and cooling systems. You see, you only need to service the main unit on a regular basis and ensure that the ducting, grilles and air outlets are cleaned once or twice a year.

Why choose our duct air conditioning service in Melbourne

HVAC technology provides homeowners with a variety of heating and cooling options. Fantastic Handyman can install the air conditioning system of your choice. We can also help you make the right decision if you’re unsure about what type will best suit your property. Our company works with qualified and experienced technicians in Melbourne, who are reliable and come fully equipped to complete the job.

With us, you can count on:

  • Expert ducted heating and cooling system installation;
  • Regular servicing of all components, upon request;
  • Professional duct air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

Note that we can supply and install systems from all popular brands, such as Carrier, Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and more. Just contact us and we’ll organise a service appointment for you, as well as help you with professional advice on selecting the right air conditioning system for your home! We also can provide duct repairs and split-system air conditioning