Plaster Repairs in Melbourne

Efficient and tidy plaster repair work by seasoned plasterers in Melbourne

Has your plasterboard been damaged by dampness or a furniture move? The Melbourne plasterers at Fantastic Handyman can arrive for emergency repairs and colour-match the results for a quality finish. Whether the job involves fixing cracks in plaster or drywall, or dealing with mould and water stains, your handyman will use quality materials and products to complete each plaster repair project in line with all Australian standards. Get in touch and fix your property today!

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Plasterboard Repair Service Has a Lot to Offer

It does not really matter what the plasterboard damage is. The plasterboard repair kit of the trained specialist contains all tools needed to mask scratches and dents, fill in gaping holes and more. Besides general plasterboard repairs, you can also count on the handyman for extensive wall repairs and ceiling repairs. But that’s just the start.

Scratch repairing holes in plaster from your to-do list

Your plasterer in Melbourne will arrive to thoroughly inspect the damaged section of your plasterboard wall or ceiling. Based on what he has observed, he will use suitable products to restore the surface or apply a coat of plaster to hide the imperfections from view in just one visit.

Receive a flawless paint finish after each job

The specialist will bring along several tints of paint to completely conceal any patched-up areas. Using his years of experience in the field, he will mix several tints on the spot and will test the mixture on an inconspicuous spot to ensure that it will be a perfect match. If needed, we may also paint the entire wall or ceiling.

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Receive a free price estimation by giving us a call or by clicking on the “Request a quote” button on our website. A service representative will then contact you to help you arrange your plastering repairs appointment for a convenient day. We can serve you on workdays, weekends, and official holidays. You can also arrange an after-hours session upon request.

Wish to learn more? Check out our short FAQ

Q: What is your service coverage?

A: You can take full advantage of our affordable home repair services anywhere in Melbourne.

Q: Are the professionals insured?

A: Absolutely! All handymen are frequently evaluated by quality control officers to ensure that their work meets our company standards. You will be fully reimbursed in the event of an accident.

Q: Can you fix mould and water damage?

A: Yes, however, keep in mind that patching any plaster that is affected by mould is hard work and may require the whole section to be replaced. You will also need to locate and fix the leaks first (usually caused by a damaged roof) before the professional can do any remediation work.

Q: How long will the plaster repairs take?

A: Generally, the professional will need about 2 hours to repair holes whose size is less than 30cm in diameter. Please give us a call if the expert has to patch up larger holes, or in case any mould or water damage treatment is required so that we can provide you with a rough quote.

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