Door and Window Painting in Melbourne That Will Make Your Home Smile

No splashes. No drips. No effort.

Painting your window frames and doors will not only make them look better but will protect them from atmospheric exposure. However, successful window painting and door painting projects require time, know-how, and quality tools and paints. Trust the professional at Fantastic Handyman to revive your faded doors and windows with a new coat of paint. We have everything required to provide a top-notch painting service in Melbourne.

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Professional window and door painting services. Restore the aesthetic look of your home.

Yellowing is always a concern when it comes to painting windows and doors. Frames and trims around windows and doors are often painted in white or light-coloured enamels, which yellow with time. We, at Fantastic Handyman Melbourne, are using only the best quality tools and paints to guarantee the best possible finish and a long lasting result.

Q: What type of paints are you using?

For most painting jobs, including for painting ceilings, we are using water-based enamel paints due to their proven resistance to yellowing. Water-based enamels are also easier to touch up than oil paints, they dry quicker, handle humid conditions well, and contain less offensive-smelling solvents. Of course, if you’d like us to repaint your window frames and doors with oil-based enamel, we would be happy to do it.

Q: Do you paint aluminium window frames?

We can paint all types of window frames, including aluminium. Our painters in Melbourne are experienced in painting galvanised and anodised aluminium window frames. They will carefully prepare the metal surface by cleaning it, removing any stains and rust, and applying a primer. Only then they will proceed with the painting work, giving your window frames a smooth professional looking finish.

Q: How long will it take you to paint my front door?

Painting a door typically takes between three to five hours depending on the condition of the door. Our pros will clean off the grime, smooth out chipped paint from previous paint jobs, fill dents and scratches, and apply primer before painting.

We also paint garage roller doors, steel doors, all types of interior and exterior doors. Painting door frames and trims is also included.

When you book a door painting service with us, have in mind the drying time. We advise booking a slot as earlier in the morning as possible, especially when the painting project is for your front door, so it can be back in service by the end of the day.

Q: What type of equipment do you use for window painting and door painting?

All essentials for a successful painting project, including drop cloths, razor scrapers, paint, brushes, step ladders, and more. Just call us and leave the painting of your doors and windows to the professionals at Fantastic Handyman Melbourne for a smooth and quality finish.

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