Professional Ceiling Repairs in Melbourne

Restore the pristine condition of your home ceiling with Fantastic Handyman

If your household ceiling has been marred by cosmetic scratches, unsettling holes, or is becoming increasingly saggier, Fantastic Handyman Melbourne is here to help. We will dispatch a trained specialist who will carry out anything from patching a ceiling hole to plasterboard ceiling repair work. A damaged ceiling can often cause great distress and hamper productivity. That is why we strive to bring long-term results by investing in high-quality tools and products. In addition, all of our services are fully insured and meet the official Australian safety guidelines.

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The Benefits of Choosing Ceiling Repairs for Your Household

Diligent repairs of small- to medium-sized ceiling flaws

The Melbourne handymen will arrive for an on-site inspection in order to assess the damage sustained by your ceiling. After this, they will use suitable tools and products to mask scratches or replace the plaster, for instance. Here is a full list of the tasks that the team able to perform:

  • Fix scratches, dents, and repair holes in ceiling;
  • Filling in cracks and sagging ceiling repair;
  • Plaster ceiling repair and re-plastering;
  • Ceiling cornice repair and replacement;
  • Expert ceiling painting for a seamless finish.

Professional restoration of saggy and leaky ceilings

A sagging ceiling can quickly turn into a safety hazard for everyone inside the building since prolonged exposure to water can cause the ceiling to partially or fully collapse! To avoid this, you need to identify the cause of the leak and fix it before the experts arrive on the scene. Most often, the culprit is a damaged water pipe or rotten wood. Once the leak is fixed, the team will:

  • Use professional equipment to replaster the damaged section of your ceiling.
  • Replace any damaged cornice moulds with ones that match the original style.
  • Re-paint the affected area in an identical colour to skilfully mask the repair work.

Fix all home imperfections with these extra services

Usually, when the ceiling starts to show signs of wear, the walls are quick to follow its footsteps. If you noticed a web of cracks on your walls, be on the safe side and make sure to combine your sagging ceiling repairs with thorough plaster repairs and wall repairs. This way, you will have your problem solved in no time and will save a considerable sum of money on extensive repairs.

Enjoy a service with a complete city coverage

The handymen can promptly arrive for any day of the week. Just give us a phone call or fill in our online booking form, send pictures of your damaged walls or ceiling, and tell us when you want the experts to come. Our services are available 7 days a week (bank holidays included) and we can provide you with free estimates.

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