Door Installation in Melbourne Done By-The-Book

Don’t take any chances - Call the Fantastic Handyman pros!

The importance of properly fitting a door is often overlooked. It may work adequately around the time it’s installed, but with time a number of problems can arise. From slouching hinges to problems with closing. We’ll make sure you don’t have to deal with any of that. The technicians will give you advice on the best type of door for the particular project. If door repair is not an option for you, a professionally done door installation is your best call.

  • The skilled and insured technician will bring all tools and equipment required to your address
  • For a small fee, we can purchase and deliver any extra materials your project needs
  • Fair door fitting cost – your final price depends on the time the expert had to spend on site;
  • A flexible schedule – we can arrive on any workday, weekend, or bank holiday.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


You Need A Door – We’ll Set It Right

You can fully rely on the door hanging experts to assist you. Also, if your property requires anything else done, don't hesitate to add more services to your initial order like woodwork, window and door painting.

Skip DIY in Favour of Expert Results

To hang a new door from scratch, you need to determine the right type of door for your project. For instance, it would be a mistake to place an unvarnished door in your bathroom. Then you have to take its dimensions, see if the area is leveled, and install the door itself. The professional knows these requirements by heart and can have your internal doors fitted on a day and at a time of your preference.

All tools of the trade are covered by us

The work seems deceptively simple, but even something as basic as door hinge fitting will require a range of tools that many homeowners never thought they’d need. The professional will bring everything to ensure that your door’s appeal and functionality will have no trouble standing the test of time.

The method behind our door hanging service

  • Each session is carefully planned in advance to deliver the best results:
  • The door fitter will remove the old door from its hinges.
  • He will take all measurements to ensure that the door will open correctly.
  • If necessary, the specialist will trim the door until it fits the frame’s dimensions.
  • He will attach the hinges back and securely hang the new door.
  • The expert will install door locks, handles, latches, and all remaining door fittings.