Laminate And Hardwood Floating Floors Installation Services In Melbourne

Installing floors can be a great hassle. You'd need professional equipment, skills and time, especially if you're inexperienced in DIY jobs like these. But don't worry, Fantastic Handyman Australia is here to help you with fitting floating floorboards.

Rest assured the technicians we'll send are highly trained and have many successful installation jobs behind their backs. They will come on the arranged day fully prepared for fitting the hardwood or laminate floors in your living room, kitchen or another part of your commercial or residential property.
The boards will be fitted together after a thin foam blanket-like layer is placed under. It acts like a cushion and a sound insulator. The service is budget-friendly and will be a perfect addition to your home or office renovation list.

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Add More Services To Your Booking

If there is more to be done than just floating floorboards installation, like cabinets painting, bathroom fittings installation, decking installation or other carpentry services. You can, as well, add wallpapring for your living room walls, plastering & wall boarding, door repairs to your kitchen renovation project.

Make Your Floor Home Cosier With Floating Wooden Flooring

If you'd like to add a touch of style and cosiness to your home or office, engineered or laminate wood is your best choice. it's one of the best ways to add more warmth to your property and is part of almost any home decor style.

Flooring Fitting Services Which Meet The Highest Industry Standards

We've worked hard to create a service people would not only need but love. We continue to evolve and develop floating floor installation services which offer great booking flexibility, are affordable. The technicians are safety-aware and professionally trained.

Clients Also Ask Us About


Q: Is there anything specific in the installation process?

A: Normally, laminate floors and hardwood floors are installed using the tongue-groove method. The first type requires a thin foam sheet to be placed beneath the boards and no glue is used to put the boards together. Hardwood is installed in a similar way. after the vapour barrier paper is laid the boards are hand-nailed and the gaps filled, if there are any. Engineered wooden boards are assembled in the same way, except the tongue and groove parts are glued to one another, so their grip remains stronger.

Q: I have a tight budget. Will floating floor installation be cost-effective?

A: Floating floor fitting services are budget-friendly, as putting the boards together does not require buying many additional materials, varnishing or staining. it's done quicker than other types of flooring fitting.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: You can reach us via phone, contact form, website chat or book online if you're ready to book. Requesting a service online will actually give you a discount of 10%, so hurry up and place your order.