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Why try convincing your mates to help you with your renovation? Surely, they have better things to do! Assign Fantastic Handyman Melbourne with any home improvement task you’ve got on your list!

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Property maintenance & home Improvement can be fun with Fantastic Handyman

Below is our touch-base point where multiskills meet expertise and customer needs translate into service diversification. Whether you feel out of your depth with any type of home repairs, find painting and decorating a chore, or you can’t face your wife after yet another DIY mishap, we can help!

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What Is the driving force behind our company?

We are part of a bigger family

A subsidiary of Fantastic Services, Fantastic Handyman Melbourne has the support of a recognisable property service provider and a brand to be proud of.

We count on multi-skilled handymen

The professional tradesmen, specialist technicians and versatile handymen, we work with, are qualified, experienced and insured.

Our mission lies with the customer’s happiness

We offer flexible home improvement solutions, which can be adjusted around your timetable. Our contact channels are easily accessible and we always take on board your feedback and listen to what you have to say.

The benefits of our home improvement and handyman solutions

With our bespoke and custom-orientated property maintenance services, your home or office becomes a better environment for the members of your family or your work staff. We not only help you increase the value of your property but also contribute to prolonging the life of key features and elements of its interior or exterior.

The industry-set standards we follow

Fantastic Handyman provides guaranteed quality assurance and delivers home improvement services to the highest standard. We use professional tools and equipment, as well as materials from reputable suppliers.

Differentiation against competition

We strive to save you time, money and effort:
  • Combine more than one service
  • Out-of-hours appointments availability
  • Affordable rates and special deals

GoFantastic is the first Australian app to instantly book any service for your home, garden and office from just one company.

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