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  • Repair of all types of floors - wood, laminate, hardwood, tiles, parquet, and more;
  • We can do all kind of repairs - fixing boards, replacing damaged parts, replacing joists, removing old tracks;
  • Repair all floors in your house with a single visit;
  • Experienced and professional technicians that will do the service at the highest quality;
  • All tools and equpments needed for the service are provided.

Fixing up your loose or damaged floorboards may seem like an easy task. But unless you’ve got the right tools and skills, you may find that the job doesn’t always go as planned. So, instead of wasting time and effort on trying to do the floor repairs yourself, let a Fantastic floor restoration expert handle the project for you! Whether it’s an engineered wood flooring, a parquet floor, a bamboo floor or a hardwood flooring, we can restore it to its former glory in no time at all.

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A floor repair service that exceeds your expectations

Have you noticed how, with time, your wooden floor has lost its lustre? Or it’s no longer structurally sound? Then, maybe, it’s time to let a qualified technician do the repairs for you. Whether a water damage event or a high level of humidity has caused your parquet flooring to bulge or you need to replace a few broken floorboards, we’ve got the equipment and knowledge to apply the most appropriate floor restoration techniques for your specific situation.

The most common problems with wooden floors

Weather conditions cause changes in the level of humidity in different times of the year, which can lead to changes in the appearance of your wooden flooring. Cupping, bulging and gaps between the floorboards are all too widespread issues that happen due to the increased or decreased level of moisture in the air. Not to mention Nature’s extremes, such as flash floods during storms, which can affect the entire floor surface with devastating results.

Another common issue is a sagging floor. This usually happens when the subfloor gives in, due to incorrect installation procedures. So, if your floor suffers structural problems, count on the Fantastic carpentry technicians who will complete the repairs to the highest level of standard.

Other minor wood floor problems are caused by daily use, heavy traffic or unfortunate mishaps. For instance, you may have scratched the surface after moving the wardrobe to another room. Or your parquet flooring has spots, marks and blemishes, due to spills or pet accidents. Rest assured that we will address all these flaws with due care.

What wood floor repairs do we do?

Below are the type of fix-up tasks we can perform to ensure that your flooring looks its best again.

  • Repairs of any squeaky or loose floorboards
  • Fixing creaky floorboards
  • Removal of split, broken or water-damaged floorboards
  • Expert replacing of floorboards that are beyond repair
  • Fixing any weak joists by glueing and/or nailing them down
  • Removal of old tracks and rusted nails
  • Protruding nails are hammered flat
  • Parquetry flooring repairs
  • Bamboo floor repairs
  • Scratch repairs on any type of wood flooring
  • Sanding and varnishing of timber flooring

What else can we help you with?

You can entrust a variety of home repair tasks to the Fantastic team of woodwork technicians. For instance, they can help you with any furniture repairs, whether your dining table is slightly chipped or you’ve got a couple of wobbly chairs that you want restoring.

In addition, if you favour natural stone or tile floors over timber, then, don’t hesitate to seek our tiling and grouting expertise. Whether you are planning a complete or partial tile floor renovation or you need a tile repairs specialist to replace a broken tile on your wall or floor, we can help.

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