Expert Floor Repair Is Just A Call Away in Melbourne

We can help with those cupping, sloping and gapping wooden floors in your home or office.

If you have scratch marks, chipped, dented boards or squeaky floorboards, contact us and we’ll make short work of them. Fantastic Handyman Melbourne will also assist with serious problems like water damage or complete replacement of boards. We cover the whole Melbourne region, regardless of which part your property is in. Handling a problem like this on your own isn’t advisable, unless you have the experience and tools. The fantastic technicians have both covered.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Read More About Our Melbourne Floor Repairs Service

Our floor replacement service is specially tailored to suit the needs of clients who own or rent properties. We do exactly what you need to be done per instructions, whether if it’s simple varnish application or a whole section needs replacement. If you need more things done around the house, like tiling or carpentry, feel free to create your own service bundle over the phone with our customer support representatives. We cover all types of timber floors - bamboo, parquet flooring, any type of material.

What Causes These Defects?

Problems that require the attention of a floor repair specialist are several and not necessarily your fault.
  • Sagging and sloping floors are caused by faulty foundations. The lack of proper support, deteriorated elements, or badly installed subfloor are all usual suspects in this case.
  • Floor cupping is often seen in engineered wood and happens as a result of moisture content changes which cause the material to expand and bend out of shape. It’s identifiable by the edges and corners of the floor raising up like a cup.
  • Gaps appear when the humidity is severely decreased, usually in very old timber flooring. When this happens the floorboards shrink abnormally leaving big gaps between one another. It may also be the result of manufacturing defects, wall or central beam movement.

Why Book With Us

We've done everything to be as flexible as possible and convenient to your busy schedule. We are able to organise floor repair(or any other of our services, for that matter) for any day, including weekends and bank holidays. Whenever works best for you. The contractors will come fully prepared for the job with professional equipment and materials. To this extent we kindly ask you to discuss your problem as detailed as possible to our customer service representative or just schedule an assessment with them. All technicians working with us are highly-trained, health and safety aware, and insured. Their experience means your property is in good hands with us.