Hire Hardwood Floor Repair Experts To Help With The Cupped Boards

Let us help with the cupping, sloping and gapping wooden floors in your home or office.

If you're having problems with the wooden flooring. Whether it's fixing scratch marks, chipped, dented boards or squeaky floorboards the experts contact us and see how we'll be able to be of help. We can also assist with more serious problems like water damage or complete replacement of boards, depending on the problem you have. If the property you own or have rented is within the Melbourne CBD or its suburbs, feel free to contact us, as we cover the whole city region.
Handling a problem like this on your own might not result in what you've planned. The job might be complicated for someone who doesn't have the proper equipment and knowledge, thus, when trying to tackle the task. You might apply too much adhesive, affix nails in the wrong places of a board or anything else. Thus you'll end up creating more damage than repairing the floor and paying even more.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


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The repair or replacement service for floor has been specially tailored to suit the needs of clients who own or rent properties. Also, you can add more services to your booking, so they get done simultaneously. For example, you can order blinds fitting service, home renovations, furniture repairs, gutter repairs or furniture assembly.

Q: What's the reason for these defects?

A: The problems that might require the attention of a floor repair service professional are several and they're not necessarily your fault.
  • Sagging and sloping floors is caused by faulty foundations which cannot provide proper support, as those elements have deteriorated, rotten or the subfloor is badly installed.
  • Floor cupping is often seen in engineered wood and happens because of MC (moisture content) changes. The floorboard edges and corners to raise like a cup.
  • Gaps/Gapping appear when the humidity is very decreased. When this happens the floorboards shrink abnormally leaving big gaps between one another. It may be the result of manufacturing defects, wall or central beam movement.
Three Reasons To Book Fantastic Handyman

We're Flexible

We've done our best to be as flexible as possible, as we know you might have a very busy schedule. For this reason, we'd be able to organise a visit by an expert during the weekends or even bank holidays if you're not available in the period from Monday to Friday.

We Come Prepared

The contractors will come fully prepared for the job which needs to be done with professional equipment and materials. Still, we'd like to kindly ask you to describe the problem as detailed as possible.

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Keep in mind each technician working with us is highly-trained, experienced, health and safety aware, so your property will be in good hands.