Refresh The Look Of Your Kitchen With Cabinets Painting

Does the drawer or cupboard in the kitchen have that unappealing, crumbling layer of paint which is simply an eyesore? That can all easily change with the diligent help of Fantastic Handyman in Melbourne. The professionals have been painting kitchen cabinet doors for years on end and can suggest you a colour scheme that will perfectly match the rest of your interior. Here are a few more reasons why you should give our comprehensive service a try:

  • The experts will work with attention to detail and skillfully hide old marks from view;
  • Your walls and furniture will be covered in sheets to keep them safe from splashes;
  • The painters can do the job any day, be it a workday, weekend, or bank holiday;
  • Professional painting of all cabinet elements, such as drawers, and more.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


We believe that painting cabinet doors should be simple

Reasons to get a professional cabinet painting service

Painting kitchen cabinet doors is a great way to earn some savings as this process is much more affordable than buying a brand new set of furniture. The professionals will follow your instructions word for word and use your preferred type of paint. They will also mask all previously existing scuff marks or scratches to give your cabinets an out-of-the-box look and feel. You can, as well, combine the painting with more than one service, like furniture fixes, door repair, fixtures and fitting installation, plasterboard holes patching-up, furniture assembly, ductwork fixing-up or kitchen fittings placement.

We treat kitchen furniture of all shapes and sizes

The painting method will depend on your cupboard or cabinet surface (wooden, melamine, etc.) and on whether it’s been previously treated. If you think that the paint may wash off too easily, the experts can also test the product on a discrete area of your furniture. Please note that the painters will not repaint cabinets with wax coating as the paint won’t adhere to their surface.

Your cabinets and drawers are in safe hands

With the service underway, the team will work with extra care and use durable sheets to protect your furniture against scratches and stray drops of paint. They will also use suitable paint brushes and paint type to ensure that the colourful layers are spread nice and even. At the end, the experts will collect any leftover debris and restore your kitchen in its original, neat state.

Handles, drawers, cabinet doors – we paint them all

The Melbourne painters can stylishly colour your cabinet’s components in addition to the furniture itself. To do so, they will first protect all non-removable parts and remove all detachable ones, such as handles, knobs, doors, and drawers. Once the latter are painted with a cabinet door paint of your choice, the specialists will simply put everything back to their original spots. You can also request another painting service for your Melbourne property, sit back and relax while the pros transform your home or office.