Paint Stripping Services In Melbourne By Reliable Professionals

Are you preparing your property for re-painting? Do you need a reliable expert to take care of the nasty old paint flakes or blisters on the walls, patio or wooden furniture? Don't hesitate to contact Fantastic Handyman Melbourne and let the adept stripping technicians restore the old wooden door or window frames and give them a new look, or repaint the cabinet doors in the kitchen or bathroom. Simply, call us or request paint removal online and rest assured the tradesmen will take care of the rest.

Get Rid Of Paint Blisters And Loose Strips

If you notice paint peeling, blisters forming or just blank patches on the once well-painted surface, take the matter into your own hands and let the pros handle the situation. We at Fantastic Handyman Melbourne have and will continue to develop services which provide high customer satisfaction and a lot of benefits. We're at your disposal, so you can ask us anything about any of the services, like furniture repairs, light fixture repairs or bathroom fittings installation. Also, feel free to request a quote or place a booking. You can contact us via phone, contact page, chat or online booking form.

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Customer FAQ About The Melbourne Paint Stripping Pros And Service

Q: Why is the paint damaged?

Loose or missing paint patches are not always the result of a bad paint job. Oftentimes, the surface gets damaged with time, because of poor surrounding conditions. Dust particles and dirt, for example, will not let the paint adhere. A previously applied waxy, shiny, glossy, laminate or polyurethane finish preventing the layer from holding. Not using a primer before painting will also result in poor paintwork.

Q: How is old paint removed?

A: Removing old paint covers depends mainly on the type of surface which needs to be treated. This means technicians might use chemical paint stripping solutions, heat guns, scraper blades. As a third option, the tradesmen sand the old layers, thus making the surface smoother and the same time.

Q: Why should I call paint stripping experts?

A: As we mentioned above, the surface determines what method is best to use. If you choose the wrong one the paint stripping process will end up a complete disaster, leaving hundreds of dollars of damage. Also, not having the skills and equipment might result in endangering your health.

Q: Why should I book your paint stripping services in Melbourne?

A: We've tailored the service in accordance to our clients' needs and have made it possible to deliver affordable, honestly-priced and efficient paint stripping. We work health and safety-aware technicians who have the experience and equipment to handle the problem in an adequate way. Thus we have become leaders among the paint stripping companies in Melbourne.

Q: Can I Book More Services At Once?

A: Yes, you can. If you need more than just paint stripping, you can add blinds and curtains installation, laminate flooring installation. Also, you can request a visit by the Melbourne plaster experts, or get wallpaper installation.