Give Your Kitchen in Melbourne a Bold and Modern Look

Are you just about to complete your renovation project, but your kitchen needs that extra fine touch? Or maybe your old kitchen cabinets are threatening to fall apart any minute? If any of this sounds familiar, then know that Fantastic Handyman Melbourne is at your service. The able specialists will fit worktops, assemble kitchen wall units, or mount stainless steel kitchen fittings in a safe and swift manner that is tailored to your budget. Other useful perks include:

  • The experts can arrive for any day you wish, be it Monday, Sunday, or an official holiday;
  • The team will assemble your kitchen fittings and accessories using their own tools;
  • Your final price will be based on the number of hours that your service took;
  • Any extra materials for your project can be provided for an additional cost.
  • You can combine fitting job with other services in a single order, like cabinet painting, duct fixes and other home repairs, blinds fitting & curtain pole installation

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Why should my kitchen cabinet fittings be mounted by professionals?

We deliver sturdy and stylish results

The specialists will take accurate measurements to ensure that your kitchen fixtures and fittings will fit in without any effort whatsoever. All work is also performed in compliance with the high company standards and the general health and safety guidelines, which is especially helpful if your kitchen unit is being installed near a plumbing or electrical connection.

We have all the tools fully covered

The team will arrive fully equipped and can start working on your kitchen as soon as they get there. The tools that the handymen will bring include, but are not limited to, the following: Adjustable wrenches, putty knives, tape measures, and electric drills; Screwdrivers and screws (most screws are usually included with the flat packs); Stud finder – for plasterboard, used to attach your fittings to the studs behind the wall.

We work fast and with attention to detail

The Melbourne fitters have worked on countless residential and commercial kitchen fitting projects in the past, so they have a well-optimised working process. For instance, mounting a kitchen wall unit will take no more than 20 minutes, while the assembly of a kitchen base unit – about 30 minutes. Note, however, that the time will vary depending on the job’s complexity.

We are experienced with a variety of brands

Does your kitchen fitting design include products by Hettich or Hafele? The specialists will have no trouble assembling and fitting them at the desired spots and height. Of course, the multi-skilled professionals will also be able to assist you with IKEA kitchen fitting. We can assist with other jobs, as well If you need somebody to take care of the doors hanging, floorboards repair or another carpentry service, book a service via our online booking form and receive a 10% discount.