Transform Your Garden with a Custom-made Timber Decking

Bring your sleek interior design ideas of your Melbourne home outdoors with a trendy deck

Every year when the outdoor season kicks in we start thinking about preparing the garden for all those quiet moments with a book or for the noisy weekend barbecues with friends. So what better opportunity than now to go ahead and be adventurous by installing the beautiful decking you have been dreaming about for so long?

With us, you can harness your private outdoor recreational space in Melbourne and make it a natural extension of your indoors in a space of a day or two.

From booking our decking installation service to enjoying a drink in your new retreat

Fantastic Handyman has years of experience in improving homes and gardens alike in Melbourne. Customers have invested their trust in us not only because we are part of the Fantastic brand but also because we deliver bespoke solutions in an expedient manner and following the client’s specific requirements.
Your decking installation service includes the following steps:
1. A professional on-site consultation when all details of your decking project are discussed.
2. Your precise quotation is formulated with a clear breakdown of all costs: labour, size of the area, scope of workload, etc.
3. Sub-floor preparation: ensuring structural integrity and the safeguard against weeds (fitting an anti-weed membrane).
4. Decking installation in accordance with the client's design specifications.
5. Additional protection for timber decking upon request (sealing, varnishing).
6. The customer is encouraged to test the new addition to their garden with a glass of Martini.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Why choose Fantastic Handyman Melbourne for your decking project

Except for wooden decks we can also help you with the kitchen fitting, TV mounting. If there are any holes in the walls, the professionals will repair the plaster walls in no time. You can book professional wall painters if you need your property refreshed or request full and partial property renovation. Also, the experts will be able to help you with home fixes and light fixture repairs.

Skilled carpenters with an eye for detail

We have partnered with qualified and experienced carpenters who are fully insured and ready to guarantee the quality of your decking installation. They will execute your garden improvement service with the right power tools and with the use of materials of your choice. The experts pay heed to all the necessary preparation work with the diligence, required for a structurally sound sub-base and a weed-free decking platform as an end result.

Quality timber or composite decking installations

Whether you wish to use a natural material for your trendy decking design or man-made non-slip composite boards, we recommend that you are selective with respect to choosing the right supplier. We strongly believe that the quality of the material meets halfway craftsmanship and the level of execution of the job.

Transparent pricing and flexible bookings

Your preliminary no obligation quote is confirmed with the presentation of a precise breakdown of the expenditures, including all optional variations of the price, in terms of materials or additional services. You can also count on our custom-orientated flexibility and request a weekend decking installation service.

Professional advice on other carpentry services

The carpenters, we work with, can consult you on a number of other services that you can benefit from in the future or in combination with your decking service. They are the same qualified specialists who can provide you with a tailored indoor floor installation (hardwood, softwood, floating flooring, laminate or parquet), as well as expert floor repair and restoration services.