Beautiful and Stylish Christmas Decorations for 2017!

Christmas tree in Australia.

The things that make Christmas so special are the details and the hard work we put into making our homes feel festive. Here are this year decoration trends that will make your home look beautiful, festive and modern.

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Decorate with Copper! Different Ways to Add Colour In Your House.

Different ways to introduce copper at home!

Copper can absolutely change the look of your home. Here’s how to incorporate the look of your house and make it look great!

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Rival Your Neighbors With the Best Looking Driveway

Man laying paved driveway

While the weather’s getting warmer and the better time of the year is just around the corner, the season of house renovations is coming too. Whether you are planning something on a small scale, or if you’re getting ready for a grand home renovation the time is almost here. During the summer months, a lot…

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How To Make Your Own Scary House

How to make a scary house.

Halloween. The night of the dead is just around the corner and everyone in Australia and around the world is trying to make their houses as spooky as possible. However, a fake skeleton and some fake blood spilt around the house is kind of mediocre. Everyone does it and it certainly won’t scare 13-year-olds nowadays….

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How to Make Your Own Fire Pit!

How to build your very own fire pit!

Outdoor entertainment in Australia, in recent years, has been lightened up by attractive fire pits, strategically installed in the back garden, to not only add to the festive feel of an evening with friends but also, no doubt, for their practical use. The trend of flaring up the night in your backyard is on the…

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A Guide to Childproofing Your Home

Child proofing your home. How to!

Being a parent is a true blessing. Raising children can be quite scary. You always worry about them and whether they are okay. Even after they grow up. But it’s a lot scarier when they are just starting to walk and explore the world. You don’t feel they are safe even in the comfort of their…

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Attic Renovation Ideas and How to Do It

Attic renovation ideas

Living in a small home can have both its advantages and disadvantages. For one – it’s fairly easy to look after. Yet, it’s a bummer because it lacks space. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had one more room to serve as a storage? Or if you could just have an office space at home… …

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The Best Backyard Sheds!

The inspiring guide to backyard sheds.

Living in a home with a decent sized backyard can have a lot of pluses. Taking a rest outside after a long day at work is great, however, if you have a mown you almost surely have a backyard shed. You don’t really think about it, or you look at it that much, but it…

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Home Repairs You Can Do Legally Without A Handyman

The Renovations that you can do legally at home.

Whether you’re trying to save some money, you want to learn something new, or you’re just trying to show off a bit, home renovations can be really useful. You don’t always have to rely on a handyman to get the job done, but sometimes it’s the safer and the legal option. There are home repairs…

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How to Add Value to Your Home

The easiest way to increase the value of your home

Having a high valued home will always be to your advantage if you plan to sell it one day. As great as it seems, you should know what you’re doing before starting any renovation by yourself. Many times you’ll invest your money in something that you think will pay off, but this investment never pays…

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