Ceiling Painting: Learn From The Pros

Man Painting a wall

Refreshing your home with some fresh paint is always a great idea. Changing up the colours in your home can have a tremendous effect on the overall feel of a house. And it doesn’t matter if you are going to paint the whole room or just an add some accent to a wall. Doing some…

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The Beauty and Simplicity Behind Scandinavian Interior Design

Living room designed with scandinavian design in mind.

Beautiful to its core, Scandinavian design serves one purpose and it serves it well. Space management, minimal, clean lines and preserving the cosy feel of a home are the signature traits of Scandinavian design. Thinking of decorating your home with less furniture? Though it might not sound so good on paper, once you do it,…

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How To Renovate A Bathroom: A Step By Step Guide

Bathroom renovations regardless the size of the premises is not as easy as it seems- it’s not just placing the shower, sink and toilet. The process requires careful planning and research, so you get the best results and sometimes a simple renovation might require certain permits or is subject to special regulations. Before we start…

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Decorating Small Spaces: Using Light And Room Colours The Right Way

  Decorating and renovating small spaces has always been very difficult due to the lack of usable space. Sometimes, even though you have achieved perfect functionality, your home might still look or feel cramped. Don’t despair. There’s always a way out of a problem like this. What professional decorators and designers often use

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5 Storage Solutions For Your Home That Will Make Your Life Easier

Storage boxes for organizing your home

You’d always need clever storage ideas to keep your home in order, especially for the spring. De-cluttering and storage plans will be indeed necessary. Rooms overstuffed

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A Dream Kitchen in Just 4 Easy Steps of Renovation

Kitchen Design

We all want a beautiful kitchen. After all, this is the room that all our family gathers. Even if it’s not a big family, the kitchen still gives off that certain vibe that it’s somewhat personal.  This is why if your kitchen looks kinda’ out of date, or you are renting the place and it isn’t…

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The Most Useful Guide on How to Mount Your TV on the Right Place

There are few things you must consider during mounting you new TV. But following this guide you can’t go wrong and your comfort is guaranteed. So let’s get straight to the point. Where is The Best Place to Mount Your TV? It isn’t Above the Fireplace For Sure Why mounting your TV above the fireplace…

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Tips on How to Install Your Carpet & Keep It Like New

A man installing a new carpet by himself.

Installing a new carpet at home can change the whole feel of the room. You can try to do it yourself, but it’s always best if you follow a professional advice. Here’s how our Fantastic carpenters do it!

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The 5 Most Useful Fence Painting Tricks

Man painting a fence.

Giving your fence a fresh lick of paint can change the whole look of your house. And as every DIY, there are things that you should know, and things that you can do wrong. When you decide on painting your fence, you have two options – either grab a paintbrush and do it the old…

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Simple Guide on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home

A guide on choosing the perfect fence for your Australian home.

How do you protect your home and still keep things elegant and beautiful? Take a look at Australia’s best fencing types and choose the one that will suit your house best.

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