Attic Renovation Ideas and How to Do It

Attic renovation ideas

Living in a small home can have both its advantages and disadvantages. For one – it’s fairly easy to look after. Yet, it’s a bummer because it lacks space. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had one more room to serve as a storage? Or if you could just have an office space at home… …

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The Best Backyard Sheds!

The inspiring guide to backyard sheds.

Living in a home with a decent sized backyard can have a lot of pluses. Taking a rest outside after a long day at work is great, however, if you have a mown you almost surely have a backyard shed. You don’t really think about it, or you look at it that much, but it…

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Home Repairs You Can Do Legally Without A Handyman

The Renovations that you can do legally at home.

Whether you’re trying to save some money, you want to learn something new, or you’re just trying to show off a bit, home renovations can be really useful. You don’t always have to rely on a handyman to get the job done, but sometimes it’s the safer and the legal option. There are home repairs…

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How to Add Value to Your Home

The easiest way to increase the value of your home

Having a high valued home will always be to your advantage if you plan to sell it one day. As great as it seems, you should know what you’re doing before starting any renovation by yourself. Many times you’ll invest your money in something that you think will pay off, but this investment never pays…

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The Tile Types Guide

different types of tiles

Thinking of refurbishing your floors and/or walls with some trendy tiles? Travertine tiles are a great way to have expensive looking natural stones for a low cost. They’re pretty easy to to cut and install. Travertine is a great way to add a stylish look to your home. A big drawback is that travertine is very porous…

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[QUIZ] What is The Perfect Kitchen Countertop For You

Countertop samples

Find which countertop will suit your needs best! Take our 2-minute quiz and figure out what is the optimal choice for you and your kitchen.

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My Ways to Make the Perfect Home

Black used as a contrasting color to white in this living room

A lot of you maybe have numerous ideas how to add some value to your home. Others might need some help with that. The important thing is that the Internet is full of ideas and ways to upgrade a house and garden, without spending a lot of money, and even make it Feng Shui, as…

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The Simple Guide to Wall Decal

Woman Applying wall decal

All of us have a room that it’s just way too boring. Freshening it up with paint is okay but you miss out the “Wow!” factor. The cooler way is to actually draw something on the wall. Can’t draw? No worries! There is a way that you can still end up with beautiful design on…

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Ceiling Painting: Learn From The Pros

Man Painting a wall

Refreshing your home with some fresh paint is always a great idea. Changing up the colours in your home can have a tremendous effect on the overall feel of a house. And it doesn’t matter if you are going to paint the whole room or just an add some accent to a wall. Doing some…

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The Beauty and Simplicity Behind Scandinavian Interior Design

Living room designed with scandinavian design in mind.

Beautiful to its core, Scandinavian design serves one purpose and it serves it well. Space management, minimal, clean lines and preserving the cosy feel of a home are the signature traits of Scandinavian design. Thinking of decorating your home with less furniture? Though it might not sound so good on paper, once you do it,…

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