Outdoor Improvements

How to Install Bistro Blinds

Exterior blinds

Bistro blinds are widely popular among owners of cafés and restaurants. However, they also work as a wonderful solution for homeowners across Australia and that’s no surprise. Bistro blinds secure shade and provide weather protection while reducing exposure to UV rays. Along with this, they are very affordable too. They are also an ideal choice…

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Building a Pergola in Australia – Laws and Regulations

What laws and regulations you should follow when you're building a pergola in your property.

What you need to consider and sort out before you build your brand new pergola on your property.

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How to Paint Over Stencilled Concrete

How to paint over stencilled concrete

Concrete surfaces are common in the gardens of most Australian households. Does your stencilled concrete driveway need a refreshed look? Or did you just move to a new house with old-looking concrete? You can refresh your stencilled patio, pathways or driveways by simply painting over them. Concrete is a porous material that can be painted…

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Choosing the Best Decking Timber for You

How to choose the right decking timber.

Choosing the best timber for your deck is a sure way to invest in a structure that will last for decades. That’s why knowing what decking alternatives you have in Australia is important. Here’s what you need to know about decking timbers.

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French Drain: Definition & Installation Process

French draining

Do you have trouble with groundwater or poor drainage in the backyard? Then, you’ve come to the right place because we have an effective solution. A French drain can help you transfer water away from your property, protecting the foundation of your home and improving the health and look of your yard. But first, let’s…

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How Much Will a Driveway Renovation Cost You?

driveway construction

Exterior home upgrades are usually expensive, but the return that they have on your home is amazing. Renovating your driveway is one of those things that is often overlooked by homeowners, but it can increase the curb appeal and the overall value of your home. As driveways are pretty big, properly planning your renovation isn’t…

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How to Make Your Own Fire Pit!

Backyard Firepit

Outdoor entertainment in Australia, in recent years, has been lightened up by attractive fire pits, strategically installed in the back garden, to not only add to the festive feel of an evening with friends but also, no doubt, for their practical use. The trend of flaring up the night in your backyard is on the…

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Backyard Sheds: Renovation and Ideas

Inspiring guide to backyard sheds.

Living in a home with a decent sized backyard can have a lot of pluses. Taking a rest outside after a long day at work is much welcomed. Investing in a backyard shed is a great idea. You might already have one that needs renovating. What type of storage shed do you have? There are…

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The 5 Most Useful Fence Painting Tricks

Man painting a fence.

Giving your fence a fresh lick of paint can change the whole look of your house. And as every DIY, there are things that you should know, and things that you can do wrong. When you decide on painting your fence, you have two options – either grab a paintbrush and do it the old…

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Simple Guide on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home

A guide on choosing the perfect fence for your Australian home.

How do you protect your home and still keep things elegant and beautiful? Take a look at Australia’s best fencing types and choose the one that will suit your house best.

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