The Best Backyard Sheds!

Inspiring guide to backyard sheds.


Living in a home with a decent sized backyard can have a lot of pluses. Taking a rest outside after a long day at work is great, however, if you have a mown you almost surely have a backyard shed. You don’t really think about it, or you look at it that much, but it still ruins the whole look of the garden if you haven’t done any renovation to it in the last 10 years.

Having the same problem?We do understand what is like to stare at an ugly wooden shed while taking a much-needed rest. Rest assured that this will change when you get inspiration from our top picks for renovating your backyard shed and making it look like new.

What type of storage shed do you have?

There are numerous types of sheds that you can have in your backyard. Some, like the wooden ones, are easier to renovate and some, like metal made, might require a complete change.

The inspection of the shed is the first and most important step. Even if it looks perfect on the outside there might be hidden dangers in your shed without you even realising.

How do you know if your shed needs to be changed?

It’s important that you know when it’s appropriate to renovate your old shed and when you should remove it altogether.

Problems with wooden sheds 

Woods’ biggest nemesis is rot. Rotten wood is very dangerous especially if it’s around a bearing beam.
Rot makes wood soft and unsafe. It can make the roof of your shed collapse on top of your head, being a reason to act ASAP. Rot spreads fast and the chance that you notice it in time is small. You need to check thoroughly and after that, you need to keep an eye on it.

What are your options if your shed is rotten?
If the wood that you shed is made of is rotten then you don’t have many options. Inspect the whole shed and determine how much of the building is affected by it. We’d say that if there is more than 30% of the shed that is rotten you better demolish it and make it all over again. That way you will know it’s safe. Anything less is okay to repair, as long as major structural beams are okay.

Metal shed problems

Metal made sheds, unlike wooden ones, are pretty easy to spot if they are in a bad shape. The biggest problem for metal sheds is corrosion. It totally ruins the structure and it can be pretty dangerous if you have children running and playing in the backyard.

Inspecting a metal made shed by eye is pretty much enough to know if it’s okay to keep it or if it’s time has come to an end. Still, if it looks good on the outside, go and have a look inside. Where the walls connect with the roof is the giveaway point.
If you believe that your shed needs to go make sure to leave this job to a professional. Even though wood is also quite tricky to demolish you can really get hurt with the metal parts that sheds are made of. Better get help, rather than getting hurt.

Shed renovating

Making your backyard an amazing, beautiful and serene place isn’t that hard. All you need is something beautiful to be inspired from.
It’s not as hard to make a cool DIY backyard shed as long as you have inspiration, an idea and a clear plan in mind.

Today, you can freely purchase pre-made sheds that only require assembly. Though very easy to make, and it’s almost sure that you will have a beautiful shed to admire, it lacks character. That’s why you can make your own, which does require a bit more effort but the end result is very personal.

Log Inspired Shed

This log inspired shed is a perfect fit for a narrow and small backyard. The wood keeps the whole feel of the garden very earthy and makes the overall look very natural.

This example is great if you need a place to store your instruments and don’t want an ugly, simple shed to look at. Yet, if you have a bit of imagination you can make it a very cosy space to chill.

Beautiful Metal Shed

This cool shed is a perfect example of a modern metal shed. Compact in size, it might be the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on making a new shed, yet want’s to introduce some fresheness to his backyard.

A Garage Shed for your Hobby.

Shed converted into a garage.

Project: DIY Modern

This cool, small garage is perfect for storing your motorbikes. If you aren’t really into baking then you can feel free to store bikes or any other type equipment for your hobby.

Open Shed That You Can Chill In

Everyone needs a place to take a rest. Having your own private space in your backyard shed is always a good option!

Built a Fitness!

A fitness in a backyard shed!

There is nothing like having your own place to work out. Making a gym out of your backyard shed might be a bit expensive, but it’s an investment that will last you at least for the next 10 years.

What would you love to change your shed with? Comment below!

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