House Proofing

Types Of Insulation: What’s Best For Your Home?

Types of insulation

There is a lot of value in insulation. The biggest benefit of insulating your home comes from reducing the amount of money you’ll have to spend on heating or cooling any given year. There is a lot of information out there on how air conditioning affects change, as well as how much it costs to…

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Building a Pregola in Australia | Laws and Regulations

What laws and regulations you should follow when you're building a pergola in your property.

What you need to consider and sort out before you build your brand new pergola on your property.

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Home Security Tips: Protect Your House from Burglaries in Melbourne

A thief entering trough the front door,

Getting robbed is no good thing. More and more houses in Melbourne are getting robbed, and it’s partly fault of the owners. As a homeowner, you’re responsible for protecting your house from burglaries. Here’s how you can make your home more burglar-resistive.

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Moisture Proofing Your Home

Moisture proofing your kitchen

Moisture can do some real damage to your property and even your health. We put together to prepare you for the coming winter.

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French Drains [Illustrated]

French drain

If you’re having trouble with groundwater or poor drainage in the garden, then we have a solution for you. It’s inconspicuous and works like a charm. French drains do not come from France but were invented in the sunset years of the 19th century by the American lawyer Henry Flagg French who apparently was also…

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A Guide to Childproofing Your Home

childproof home

Having children roaming in your home is a true blessing. But, as we know, kids can be clumsy. Especially while they are growing up, sharp objects and hazardous detergents can be dangerous for the well being of the child. Because of this, it’s important to childproof your home. As you already probably realise it, your…

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Home Repairs You Can Do Legally Without A Handyman

The Renovations that you can do legally at home.

Whether you’re trying to save some money, you want to learn something new, or you’re just trying to show off a bit, home renovations can be really useful. You don’t always have to rely on a handyman to get the job done, but sometimes it’s the safer and the legal option. There are home repairs…

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Decorating Small Spaces: Using Light And Room Colours The Right Way

  Decorating and renovating small spaces has always been very difficult due to the lack of usable space. Sometimes, even though you have achieved perfect functionality, your home might still look or feel cramped. Don’t despair. There’s always a way out of a problem like this. What professional decorators and designers often use

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Great Ideas for Your New Bathroom Look

World=map printed shower curtain

Renovating your bathroom is a pleasant and sometimes needed change so you can bring a sparkle to the appliances, tiles, etc. Some of you might have been inspired by different interior magazines or just by simply browsing around the internet. Now, is the moment to actually to make your ideas work. I will present you…

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6 Tips to Make your Home Look Fabulous (Arrange it Like a Designer)

Are you a design omnivore person? Are you get flustered when you are asked to define your own home interior style? Or you can’t define a single design when in your home seem to like a little bit of everything. Don’t worry if your tastes are unpredictable, here are some simple tips to find the…

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