The 5 Stages of Planning a Kitchen Renovation

The 5 Stages of Planning a Kitchen Renovation - Featured Image

Learn how to professionally plan your next kitchen renovation and get the best bang for your buck. We list the process of planning and preparing for a kitchen renovation like the Fantastic Handymen do.

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Removing Humidity from a Room without a Dehumidifier

Moisture proofing your kitchen

Moisture can do some real damage to your property and even your health. We put together to prepare you for the coming winter.

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Choose the Perfect TV for You! [Infographic]

man watching tv with interest

The variety of different TV sizes, screens and types are tremendous. Choosing the right TV is not only about how big it is and how much it costs. Read on!

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Which Kitchen Flooring is the Perfect for Your Home

What is the best kitchen flooring?

Choosing the right flooring material for your kitchen is always important. In this article we go over the most common choices for kitchen floors, so you can decide which one is the best for your kitchen.

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How to Install a French Drain

French draining

If you’re having trouble with groundwater or poor drainage in the garden, then we have a solution for you. It’s inconspicuous and works like a charm. French drains do not come from France but were invented in the sunset years of the 19th century by the American lawyer Henry Flagg French who apparently was also…

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How Much Will a Driveway Renovation Cost You?

driveway construction

Exterior home upgrades are usually expensive, but the return that they have on your home is amazing. Renovating your driveway is one of those things that is often overlooked by homeowners, but it can increase the curb appeal and the overall value of your home. As driveways are pretty big, properly planning your renovation isn’t…

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How to Make Your Own Fire Pit!

Backyard Firepit

Outdoor entertainment in Australia, in recent years, has been lightened up by attractive fire pits, strategically installed in the back garden, to not only add to the festive feel of an evening with friends but also, no doubt, for their practical use. The trend of flaring up the night in your backyard is on the…

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A Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

Childproof kitchen for your kids and make it a safe place!

Having children roaming in your home is a true blessing. But, as we know, sharp objects and hazardous detergents can jeopardise your baby’s safety. The best way to protect the little one is by proofing every room in the house. Securing the cabinets and sharp corners are only part of the things that will need…

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Attic Renovation: Ideas and How to Do It

Attic renovation ideas

Living in a small home can have both its advantages and disadvantages. For one – it’s fairly easy to look after. Yet, it’s a bummer because it lacks space. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had one more room to serve as a storage? Or if you could just have an office space at home……

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Backyard Sheds: Renovation and Ideas

Inspiring guide to backyard sheds.

Living in a home with a decent sized backyard can have a lot of pluses. Taking a rest outside after a long day at work is much welcomed. Investing in a backyard shed is a great idea. You might already have one that needs renovating. What type of storage shed do you have? There are…

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