TV Installation & Wall Mounting in Melbourne for All Budgets & Tastes

Enjoy your new TV by letting our professionals wall mount it for you!

The secret of doing a proper TV installation and wall mounting lies in choosing the right brackets while also taking into account the screen’s size and the material of your wall. If all of this sounds like too much hassle, let the Fantastic Handyman professionals do the research. Save yourself the traumatic experience of seeing your TV hit the floor. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We can help you fit LED/LCD/plasma screen, HDTV, Smart TV, and 3D Television;
  • Each handyman is insured and will bring all necessary tools for the job;
  • The TV mount brackets will be safely fitted at your chosen height and location;
  • The experts can install a cable trunking system to hide all cables away from view.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


A TV Wall Mounting Company that Takes Care of Everything

Remember you can request more than one service and save time. You can match wall painting or pictures, mirrors & paintings hanging in a single session service.

Q: Will my wall be able to carry the screen’s weight?

A: This depends on the material from which your wall is made of. Usually, your handyman will have no trouble fitting any display model to a brick or concrete wall. However, wall mounting a TV on the less durable plasterboard, tile, or lathe variants presents many challenges and the expert may have to fit your device to a sturdier structural element (i.e. timber) behind the wall.

Q: How much time will the TV installation service take?

A: The bigger the screen, the more time it would generally take the specialist to get the job done. For instance, it usually takes 30 minutes to fit a 20" TV screen and about an hour to mount a 42" one. However, the overall duration of your TV wall mount installation will also depend on the type of wall you have, as well as on the type of brackets used.

Q: What Other Services Can Combine With This One?

A: Avoid daylight glare on your TV screen by ordering curtains or blinds installation. Also, you can insert flat pack furniture assembly or light fixtures repairs.

Q: What type of brackets can you install?

A: The specialist has the gear and the know-how to install a wide variety of commercially available brackets in line with your custom TV mount requirements, for example:
  • Low profile brackets – the TV is positioned flat against the wall;
  • Tilting brackets – the TV can be tilted downward for better visibility;
  • Ultra thin brackets – the TV sits as closely to the wall as possible;
  • Swivel brackets – the TV can be moved in a horizontal fashion;
  • Articulating brackets – the TV can be pulled away or swiveled to left or right;
  • Ceiling brackets – usually used to mount TV projectors to the ceiling.

Q: What should I do prior to my TV wall mounting appointment?

A: We would kindly ask you to double-check if the brackets you’ve bought are suitable for your TV model. If you are not sure whether the brackets you own are the ones you need, the Melbourne specialist can gladly offer his assistance. Just choose a spot in your room with a suitable electrical outlet nearby and the skilled handyman will promptly take care of the rest.