Painting Home Walls Is No Longer a Challenge

Gone are the days when you had to use shaky ladders and strange-looking paint from shady manufacturers. The Melbourne handyman services specialists e know the intricacies of painting like the back of their hand and will have no trouble refreshing a single room or your entire property in your chosen wall colours. Our service also offers multiple benefits, such as:

  • We cover your belongings with special protective sheets to guard them against splashes;
  • Professional equipment and premium painting products for achieving a smooth finish;
  • The painters are insured and can arrive for any day of the week, bank holidays included;
  • Your project will be designed from start to finish with your needs and budget in mind.
  • You will be able to order more services for a single session like:

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Breathe new life into your property with this comprehensive service

Q: Why should I hire professionals to paint my property?

A: Quality aside, the task of painting ceilings and walls on your own can be quite exhausting for your body. Instead of wasting time and taking unnecessary risks, hand over the job to the experts and let them revive the place like never before. The team will bring brushes, ladders, and paint rollers and will also fix up any wall surface defects before applying the coat of paint.

Q: Should I paint my ceiling and skirtings in the same colour?

A: While this might be the way to go if you are on a tight budget, we suggest avoiding this tactic as you will want both elements to stand out. If you do not know which colours go together, simply ask the experienced painters to help you make your pick. Upon your request and for an extra fee, the team can also purchase paint with a desired finish, be it satin, eggshell, or silk.

Q: What type of paint finish will you use for the service?

A: This depends on the functions that your room is currently serving. For instance, painting your children’s room in a matte finish is impractical as it is very hard to keep immaculate. In your kitchen, on the other hand, the experts will advise you to use a semi-gloss paint finish as it is resistant to water, soap, and other substances that frequently spill during cooking and cleaning.

Q: What services can I match wall painting with?

A: There are no special requirements for booking more service to your wall painting order. Simply, add door fitting service or choose among the carpentry services.

Q: How can I maintain my walls in mint condition?

A: With time, it’s inevitable for some grime and dust to build on your skirtings and along the wall edges in the busier areas of your home. To avoid nasty build-ups, we suggest cleaning your walls once every year to keep their colours fresh. If the damage has already been done, the professionals can perform a bit of touch-up work to quickly restore their original appearance.