Let a Skilled Handyman Show Their Flair for Painting and Decorating

We know our paints, so take advantage of our painting and decorating expertise

Painting may seem easy to many keen DIY-ers but it can turn into a small disaster! From gloss paint blobs on your parquet to visible roller marks on the walls, the list of possible mishaps is endless. So why not let the professionals handle the job for you?

Your Fantastic Handyman can assist you with:

Small Repairs and Touch-ups

Tiling, grouting, re-sealing

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Your painting project will be completed to a perfect finish with us

Why Fantastic Handyman?

The painters, at Fantastic Handyman Melbourne, have the experience to undertake small and large painting and decorating projects. They have strong attention to detail and a vast knowledge of different types of paints. The specialist tradesmen exhibit skill and understanding of colour schemes. Their expertise in the technical aspects of paint application and the suitability of the material is proven and continuously monitored. Upon request, they will mix the paints of your choice to achieve precisely the desired colour.

What to expect from your painting service?

Whether you need your walls and ceilings painted, or you have hired our help to refresh the woodwork at your home, you can expect: an adequate protection of the surrounding areas, a professional preparation of the designated surfaces and a thorough and precise execution of the service to a perfect finish. You can also rest assured that the painters will tidy up at the end of the job.

How about the cost?

Depending on the scope of the workload and the size of the painting project, the pricing may be based on our competitive hourly rates (for small jobs) or it will be formulated in a transparent manner for you after a preliminary viewing. Our quotations have no obligations to the client, so you are free to compare different offers at your own pace. All aspects of the painting job (the cost of the materials, the type of preparation work that is required, etc.) will be taken into consideration in the price estimate and will be explained to you in detail.

The booking options

To book a service or a professional on-site consultation, fill the online form at your convenience or call. You can also use the GoFantastic mobile app or the live chat on this website. Our customer care team will advise you on every detail, related to the service. We offer several saving options for you, including 10% off the price if you book online. Please, check if the availability of our out-of-business-hours appointments applies for your area.

More information on other services

Fantastic Handyman Melbourne can handle a range of property maintenance services, from small repairs, fixtures and fittings installation or flooring solutions to bespoke home renovations. Whether the painting service, you have booked with us, is part of a larger refurbishment project or not, you can confidently count on our expertise in a variety of trades, such as carpentry, wallpapering, furniture assembly, tiling and grouting, decking, kitchen and bathroom fitting and more.

Your opinion is important

Our company counts on the unbiased testimonials of the customers, as an additional channel, which helps us improve the quality of our services. We have also installed a set of monitoring measures, which ensure that the level of job performance is maintained high and within the company standards.