What to Look For When Buying Your New Home

Do you know the most important things that you must absolutely check when buying your new home? Certainly you’ll have a professional to inspects the home and make sure that it’s not flood-damaged and is termite free. But these 8 things fall under a different category, so take a look and cross them from your checklist.

Everyone wants to avoid costly repairs when buying a new house. Because of that, here are the first things you must look out for:

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1. Light Quality

You’ll be lucky if your future kitchen is sun-soaked all day. But it’s far from enough. It’s important to check the street is lit at night too. That’s important because crime statistics show darker streets are a lot riskier. So before purchasing your new home, visit it at different times of the day.

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2. Light a Fire in The Fireplace

Surely chimneys are installed by professionals, but that doesn’t mean that they are maintained well. You should check if the chimney drafts well because cleaning is easy – simply call a chimney sweep, but finding out that the fireplaces isn’t working after buying the house will be a huge blow to you. Mainly because of the money you would be forced to pour to fix it, if you want a working fireplace, of course.

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3. Water Pressure

Before you purchase your new house you must test the water pressure of every faucet. It’s important to check if there is enough pressure. It would be a bad surprise if someone flushes a toilet somewhere in the house and at the same time the water in the second-floor bathroom stops in the middle of your shower. In most cases the issue could be resolved easily, but if the problem is bigger you might be better off scheduling a visit from a plumber.

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4. Taste The Water

This way you’ll find out whether the pipes are rusty or not. If they’re old, you’ll find a little extra something in your glass. So doing that is quite important. But rest easy, if changing the pipes is too much for you, you could simply install a whole house water filter.

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5. Check The Drains

This may sound silly, but sometimes there might be a blockage between the house and the sewer line. If the issue is more extensive, it would be a lot harder to discover it. That’s why you need to load of laundry, fill all the sinks and tubs, and pull the drain plugs at the same time. That will put pressure on the drains and show whether it’s working properly, or not.

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6. Turn The Heating/Cooling Systems

Both are important and knowing that they work as they should be a serious bonus. Just by turning on the appliances you can check and make sure all is fine with them.


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7. Open The Electric Panel

Indicators of issues with the panel, or trouble signals if you will, are dirt inside it and burned smell inside. Take a look for wires that don’t connect to anything or for loose ones. It could mean you have live wires in the walls.

Electric cabels

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8. Basement Moisture

You should check the walls because even if they look dry, they might be moist. So check for bucks of silica. If there is dampness, find dehumidifiers and put them on, but don’t go over the top because they might cause cracks to appear.


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Read more: The tips above are the main things to look for buying your home. But if you want to be thorough, check this list on how to find the home of your dreams.

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