Create a Warm Atmosphere in Your Home

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We don’t get winters like most of the world does. That’s not to say the weather is particularly pleasant during the colder months. Everybody likes to cuddle up with a blanket on the living room sofa on a chilly day. If you want to give that extra bit of cozyness and warmth to your home – We’ve prepared some tips for you!

Cover the Floor

The simplest thing you can do to immediately make a room cozier is to put down a rug. It’s nice to walk on and it really gives any room warmth. Especially if you go for the fuzzy variety. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you are always free to mix and match, or go for one big piece. This all depends on the style of your interior design. Putting down more than one rug can enhance the comfy atmosphere but if you go overboard it could start to feel cluttered. Natural textiles are always better than synthetic ones in terms of comfort, but they tend to be harder to maintain. While we are on the topic of textiles.

Cover your Furniture

Throwing a cozy blanket over your sofa will add a lot to its appearance in the winter months, but also make sitting or napping on it a much more pleasant experience. Don’t forget the pillows too. The two combined will instantly warm up a room and make it more inviting from looks alone. Same goes for your armchair. And why not the coffee table too? Put a nice cover on it, but keep it small enough so the table under it can be seen to keep the interior light.

Wood Magic

Organic materials always lend a certain homely atmosphere. Especially wood. It has a warm feel to it and comes in a variety of rich tones and even bigger variety of finishes. Incorporating wood in your living room will always warm it up. Often just a few pieces of wood furniture or decorations are enough to bring that effect. You don’t need to do a total renovation for that. If you already have a hardwood floor we promise a rug will look awesome on it.

Atmospheric Colours

White is homey but also boring and also kind of sterile. Using something with more personality like warm grays or light beige can add a lot of warmth to a room. Go for something neutral enough that will make your furniture and decoration colours pop. Grays and pearly colours also go great with wood. This can be further emphasized by colourful blankets and rugs. Yellows and oranges can bring a lot of energy to your room.

Warm Light

If you want to make a room’s vibe really warm and inviting the best thing you can do is adjust the lighting. Get some warm light bulbs and avoid direct lighting. Rather try to hide the light source in some manner, whether it’s LED lighting around the ceiling or some beautiful lampshades, try and soften it as much as possible. Ambient lighting with warmer colours will instantly make a room more atmospheric and warmer. As an added bonus, warm light tones are much easier on your eyes than white light. It just instantly reminds us of fire, that ultimate comfort giver.

The shortcut to that is just lighting an inviting flame in your fireplace. If you don’t have one however a few candles will do the trick just as well. Two other benefits of candles over an actual fire is that they won’t require maintaining and can also improve the air in the room if you go for the scented variety.

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