My Ways to Make the Perfect Home

A lot of you maybe have numerous ideas how to add some value to your home. Others might need some help with that. The important thing is that the Internet is full of ideas and ways to upgrade a house and garden, without spending a lot of money, and even make it Feng Shui, as demonstrated in this article by Ally Feiam from MyDeal.

I’m a big fan of home projects thus I always have some ideas that I want to implement, and make my home even cosier. In the beginning, I was changing apartments, trying to find the perfect spot. At the end, I realised that is better to buy my own place, and upgrade it the best way possible. After a while, the selling price will be higher, and I will be able to win my money back the best way possible. I started with little things like regular home maintenance and continued with repainting and even plastering. It really depends on you, how the final look of the house is going to be. Luckily, I always have help from my man and sometimes my dad. They are always ready to help me with everything that comes to my mind. I will give you some ideas how to improve your home and have fun while doing it:


This is probably the best decision I made for my home. Now I can have amazing breakfasts on the weekends, throw garden parties or sunbath there without being bothered. A tip from me: Choose a suitable pavement that will look great in your garden, so you can have the furniture selected after that. There are so many options that you can select from, that I usually make a budget and after that I buy what I like the most. I had a friend that made a patio in his home garden and added a good amount of money to the house price. 

Patio stuff

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Mini Bar

This is something that not anyone will appreciate, but it definitely will give your home a more sophisticated look. This is not a major project, but it definitely requires time and money. If you have enough space close to a window, it is a good idea to construct a bar, place couple of chairs and you can have a drink with your friends there. If you like the idea and you have no time, call our specialists in Melbourne and they’ll help you with every home maintenance project you have.


We decided to install a fireplace after friends of ours came to а visit and gave us the idea. There are pretty decent vented fireplaces on a good price that you can install in your home. This will give you some warmth in the crispy nights, without paying extra money for electricity. Everything looks good around a fireplace. We decided to have the old – fashioned unvented fireplace, and it looks just amazing.

Colour Accents

I don’t know if many of you are keen on experimenting with colours, but I definitely try different combinations to change the layout of my home. The most important things you need to decide is, do you want your rooms to look bigger or smaller. You can decide to have one colour accent in all of your rooms, or different accents depending on the room. I love the coral colour, that’s why I have it as an accent in my house. Before you decide your accent, think about the wall colours and the furniture. You don’t want to create a “mess” in your room if they are not properly selected and combinеd.

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