Great Ideas for Your New Bathroom Look

Renovating your bathroom is a pleasant and sometimes needed change so you can bring a sparkle to the appliances, tiles, etc. Some of you might have been inspired by different interior magazines or just by simply browsing around the internet. Now, is the moment to actually to make your ideas work. I will present you some ideas and tips that might come quite handy. With small changes, you can totally change the perception of your bathroom.

White bathroom decor

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Plan your budget

Stick to the planned amount of money that you want to spend for a home renovation project. Is it better, use the money for Italian tiles, or for less expensive and pragmatic materials? The choice is yours, it really depends how often you plan to refresh your home. If you want to prolong the life of your bathroom, maybe is more suitable to use more expensive materials.


Yap.. probably many of you didn’t even think about colours, and the way they can completely change the layout of your bathroom especially if it’s a small one, and you want to make it look bigger. If you use a high contrast for a particular object of space it will make it look smaller and adds a more formal and dramatic look to it. Respectively a low contrast will make appliances and space look bigger, adds a soft and subtle approach.

World=map printed shower curtain

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Space.. Space everywhere

Finding space in your bathroom can be quite a challenge. After installation, the tub, sink, and toilet there is no actual space to place paper, towels, and body products. Freestanding shelf units can turn an unused wall area into found storage. Woven baskets on the floor can be an excellent towel holder. Adding a vanity cabinet could provide a full access to stored items and lesser-used items from being lost or forgotten. Installing floating shelves can add some bathroom storage space for candles, flowers and other luxury items.


If this is the first time you renovate your old house and have windows that are in a strange place, this might be a good time to move your bathroom windows completely, because if you will be removing walls and drywall inside, the windows project can be easily incorporated. Don’t forget the finishing touch – curtains. They can totally change the layout of the bathroom. They can be either a high or low contrast depending on the effect you are aiming for.

Shower Area

There are two types of people out there: ones who prefer a shower and others who love bathtubs. Both options have their pros and cons, but let’s examine in detail what is the best choice for your bathroom. About to have kids? A bathtub is the best option for you. This is the easiest way to bathe your children and to have fun too. A walk in shower is a more convenient and space-saving option. If you are going for a walk-in, glass enclosed shower with a beautifully tiled wall, ceiling and floor can be a very luxurious option. But if you like this option, bear in mind the expenses that might occur for changing your plumbing around.

The most important thing – have fun, while you do your home project. But if you don’t have the skills to make all of your bathroom renovations by yourself, working with professional bathroom renovation specialists is essential for performing your planned ideas the best way possible.

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