6 Simple Ways to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

The sunlight can change the feel and the look of a room. It gives us daily energy and encourages us to take on the day. Also, studies have shown that daylight raises the human comfort and productivity. The other benefit of more natural light is the smaller electricity bill, of course.

If you are looking for ways to let more light in, the following 6 tips will be of great use to you. Note: Some of the suggestions below might require you to find a local handyman to take on the specific project.

#1. Install Blinds

This is the easiest way control sunlight. Even today, blinds are modern and come in a whole lot of nice materials and textures, which means you’ll definitely find blinds that fit your style. Plus, they are incredibly efficient in setting the mood.

Beautiful blinds

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#2. Take Full Advantages of Windows

After you have installed the blinds in your rooms, leave them open during the day. Make sure they aren’t blocked by tree branches or patio furniture. During hot days outside you can consider opening your windows with the bug screen left down, to let in some fresh air.

Note: Besides increasing the natural light in your home, you can also learn how to reduce power consumption by utilising renewable energy systems. The “Your Home” website (Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes) offers you countless other tips on reducing water usage, adapting your home to be more resilient to environmental and demographic changes, and choosing the right materials that reduce harmful health effects and minimise waste.

#3. Hang a Mirror

Amplify the natural light in your home by hanging a large mirror. You can move it and experiment with different angles to consider which are the new areas light can reach. This trick is helpful for small rooms, making them feel larger. If you place the mirror near the window or opposite to it, the mirror will mimic the window and will seem like you have more windows in your room.

#4. Keep Windows Clean

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A simple cleaning can improve a window’s transparency by 10 to 20%. So don’t forget to clean your windows because doing that on a regular basis can make a significant difference.

 #5. Painting the Ceiling

Here the magic tip is to paint your ceilings in a lighter tone than your walls. Paint them just a shade lighter to balance out your space. This will make you feel your room more open.

 #6. Reflective Wall Decor

Reflective surfaces on your walls, like mirrors, for example, can do a lot to brighten up your rooms. Other tips to make your walls pop is to use furniture in a glossy finish, picture frames, or light fixtures. With that type of décor the light will bounce around and give an impression of more light.

Mirror Wall

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