The Simple Guide to Wall Decal

All of us have a room that it’s just way too boring. Freshening it up with paint is okay but you miss out the “Wow!” factor. The cooler way is to actually draw something on the wall. Can’t draw? No worries! There is a way that you can still end up with beautiful design on your wall. Using decals is an amazing way to get beautiful wall covered with a beautiful artwork if you aren’t very profound in the field of fine arts.

Do It Yourself

Painting brushes perfect for the job

This method is for people who can draw and the crazy experimenters out there.
First thing’s first – you need to buy a couple of emulsion tester pots. After all you would want to know exactly how the paint will look. Then you can start looking for inspirational ideas online. We all know there are a ton of ideas out there. Depending on the situation, you can go for a simplistic design of trees or some other elements which wouldn’t require that much skill. But if you’re some kind of a hidden talent, you could go for something more complex. Or you could go totally the opposite way, and hire a handyman to refresh the walls in your home quickly.  As it’s quite different to draw on a wall rather than on paper, it would be perfect to test it a couple of times. But it would definitely be better if you created something else more personal by yourself.
The wall art which you’ll create is the thing that will make the room a tone more colourful. It’s also a great way to personalise your home.

How to Apply a Wall Decal

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If you’re not a good artist and you want to have a perfect scene on the wall, decals are one of the modern decorative innovations of the recent years that will work for you 100%. Wall decals are fairly inexpensive. If you want your whole wall covered with wall decal, then it might be a bit more expensive. For a whole wall it can go above AU$100. Still, if you can’t draw it’s much cheaper than hiring a painter to draw it for you.

What you’ll need:

  • A sheet of decals
  • Scissors
  • Smoothing tool or piece of plastic or card
  • A cleaned and dried wall
  • Low-tack masking tape
  • A ruler or length of a string.

1. Clean and cut.
You should start by cutting the sheet of stickers into individual elements. You must clean the wall and then leave it to dry well. Before you begin you must be sure that the wall is absolutely dry, otherwise, the decal won’t take.

2. Work slowly.
Use masking tape to experiment with the placement of the wall decals. Also, using the ruler or a length of string for a reference is a good idea.

3. The final step
Apply the decal. When you decide where is the perfect place for your stickers you can begin applying them, starting at one end of the wall and working your way to the other. You must remove the backing paper from the piece. Use the smoothing tool to firmly stick it to the wall.

Nowadays, you can find wall stickers made of materials such as vinyl, which makes them resilient to stains and easily removable. Their replacement doesn’t require you to indulge a tough removal process and the best thing about them – they’re available in a span of prices.
So if you’re into the idea of buying decals for your or your kids bedroom, you will be happy to learn that there are variety of stamps. You can find anything from interesting and cool decals for grown-ups to animals, different sport-related decals perfect for children.
And some home stores even provide you with the opportunity to custom your own wall decal. So you can select your personalised design, and the store will print it on the vinyl sheets or printing pads.

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