Decorating Small Spaces: Using Light And Room Colours The Right Way


Small homes interior room colours

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Decorating and renovating small spaces has always been very difficult due to the lack of usable space. Sometimes, even though you have achieved perfect functionality, your home might still look or feel cramped. Don’t despair. There’s always a way out of a problem like this. What professional decorators and designers often use

as a trick is the optical illusions they achieve through colours, patterns and positions. So, how to make a room look bigger?

What Colours To Use To Make A Room Look Bigger?

Pale bedroom

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Try light hues. Dark room colours have been an interior design craze for the past few years. However, the darker shades can make a room look too tiny if used the wrong way. To create the optical illusion that your living room or bedroom look more spacious stick to light blue, pale grey or beige or any other nuance which creates the impression of an airy and light room.

Reflecting Light

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Another advantage of living in a small apartment or house is the lack of natural light. Often times there aren’t enough windows or the natural light cannot reach the whole room, leaving a big part of it gloomy. To avoid this, you can do two things. If you’ve already painted the walls in light shades place a big mirror. Using the floor length and placing it behind a piece of furniture, for example, a crib or a sofa. Hanging the mirror across the room right opposite a window will let it reflect light in and create the illusion of having one more window.

If you cannot install it facing a window, you can place it behind a light source. This way you will maximise the reach of the light.

Get Rid Of Thick Window Treatments

Naturally light living room

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Thick, luxurious textile treatments are not a bad thing, but they might make your space look cramped and won’t let enough natural light in. You can try removing them and use room paint colours like white, pale grey, beige and similar paint colour schemes .

Don’t Suffocate The Space In Too Much Colour

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Sometimes it is best to leave the white walls and trip them with very light grey shades to create a contour. If you still wish to add dark room nuances in the paint colour schemes, you can do so with colour pops in the form of different furniture elements or accessories. Is you still would like to add colour

You Can Still Experiment

There’s nothing bad in bold room colours if you don’t use too much of them. Stick to just a few of them, which are close in tonality, so the contrast doesn’t do the opposite.

Vertical Patterns On The Walls

beige living room

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When it comes to small spaces pro decor specialists would say you need to go vertical when it comes to furniture pieces like shelves. In addition to this expert piece of advice, the professional painters Melbourne team would add that you can utilise vertical stripes. Stripes, large floral ornamentation or other similar graphic prints of wallpaper or the room colours you’ve chosen will optically make the ceiling of the living space look higher.

Paint The Ceiling Dark

If you’re not willing to leave a large portion of your room painted in a thick colour, you can try the ceiling. Also, you can add small figurines like stars on the nursery ceiling, but remember, you should stick to the paint colour schemes.

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