A Dream Kitchen in Just 4 Easy Steps of Renovation

We all want a beautiful kitchen. After all, this is the room that all our family gathers. Even if it’s not a big family, the kitchen still gives off that certain vibe that it’s somewhat personal.  This is why if your kitchen looks kinda’ out of date, or you are renting the place and it isn’t exactly what you hoped for you’ll have to do a bit of renovation. 

The problem is that kitchen appliances often come quite costly. And if you have to buy a new one, then you’d want to start saving up.

However, we have good news too! If you want to be more budget-friendly, and braking the bank isn’t the main objective we have something for you too. Changing the kitchen cupboards, applying new paint or complete swap of the tiles is something that can make the room look like new.

If you are going to do all three above and skip the appliances, we’d recommend to save the extra cash and go splash some money on a new one if your house needs them (especially if it’s your own).

With that said let’s get through the steps that you need to take on your road to the dream kitchen!

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The Process Of Kitchen Renovation

Plan Your Budget

On the bright side, planning your money might the best decision you make for the home renovation. If you don’t want things to get out of control with your money, just plan the money you are ready to spend on different materials and stick to it. I know that there might be really good looking things that you want to buy, but planning will help you save money for other important things as well. Just make a list of the things you have to buy, and leave the rest for emergency purchases, if you run out of something, or you happen to think of something else to buy after you start the renovation.

Collect Ideas

If you don’t have a clear idea of how the kitchen should look like after you’re finished with the renovation, there are millions of ideas at the internet of designer kitchens made by specialists is the home and interior design. You can rely on kitchen renovation specialist to select materials, colours and do the job for you if you can’t do the job. A of 2017 the big crazes are neutral colours and clean looks. We’d suggest you don’t go with the pan hangers and stick with the nice shelves and cabinets.

Tiles or Wallpaper

From our personal experience, we’ve learned, that plastering the walls is not the best option, especially around your cooktop. If you are a big fan of the Italian kitchen, tomato sauce can be a complete nightmare for cleaning, or even impossible to clean from the wallpapers. The best option is to have the area around the oven tiled, so it’s easier for cleaning. Although wallpapers have great details, the tiles can have a more saturated colour. Usually, people have the tiles or wallpapers selected first, before anything else, so you can have the furniture easily selected after that. And if you’re a big fan of the Disney kitchen look, you can use the walls to hang something, like big spoons, spatulas or why not the frying pans. This will give you’re kitchen a more authentic look.

Appliances & Furniture

The key for storing all of your cooking pots, pans and dishes are the deep drawers, where you can basically put everything. Also, for spices and bottles with oil and vinegar, you can use a pullout spice rack, where you can place jars, bottles, napkins basically everything that you need for the table setting. Think about the colours of the kitchen appliances a really good option is to have the stove, fridge, etc. installed inside so they will basically look like cupboards. This way you won’t have to worry about their colour. Countertops are an essential part of the kitchen. An island can be very helpful for whoever is cooking. You can drink a cocktail there, or chop your veggies. This way you can have additional space for placing something if you don’t have enough.

If you need even more space, you can always use the classic solutions like roll-out pantries, shelving and storage gadgets. This way your kitchen will not look cramped and you will have enough space to move around. This is just one of the re-decorating essentials you can read about on My Deal.

Want More?

Once you get the kitchen renovation done, you can move on with freshening up the rest of you home. You’ll just need spare time, some inspiration, and useful home renovation tips on making the most without spending a fortune.

We hope these steps will help your next kitchen renovation project run smoothly. If you have any questions on how to successfully complete your project, know that you can always contact our kitchen renovation experts.

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