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Do you need assistance with installing split-system air conditioning in your home in Sydney? Fantastic Handyman can help you out with supplying and fitting the right-sized and the most suitable AC units for your property. We work with qualified, experienced and insured technicians, who will come equipped to handle the job. The experts can deliver the air-con system of your choice to save you time and hassle. They can advise you on the best installation options with respect to positioning, efficiency and interior aesthetics.

Note that our split-system air conditioning installation services are available to both domestic and commercial customers.

How split-system air conditioning functions

People in Australia often resort to heating and cooling their home with split-system air conditioners when they cannot install window air conditioners in specific rooms. In addition, their choice for going ductless is sometimes based on the lack of space (say, under the roof or floor).

Split air conditioning systems consist of exterior and interior wall-mounted units. The condenser is installed outside, whereas the “high wall” (fan coil) unit is mounted indoors. The two units are connected by electrical cables and pipes filled with a refrigerant. The internal unit produces either cold or hot air, depending on what settings you’ve selected to meet your indoor climate needs during different seasons. The reverse cycle principle behind the air conditioning system allows you to enjoy your nicely heated home in the cold months of the year and in the summer, it ensures that the air-conditioned rooms are cool and comfy.

Also, what’s good about this type of heating and cooling system is that you can go for a multi-head option, which functions with one exterior unit, connected to several interior units that are installed in individual rooms. You can control and adjust the temperature in each room according to your preferences.

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The benefits of having a split air conditioning system in your home or office

Inverter technology

Inverter split-system air conditioners are more energy-efficient and less noisy than other types of heating/cooling systems. This means that you can save on your monthly household costs, as well as actively contribute to the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

Easy and affordable installation

High Wall AC units won’t break the bank and are easy to install. They can be fitted in almost any room, unlike window air conditioners. And even if the exterior wall of a specific room cannot accommodate the outside condenser unit, this can be easily resolved by opting for a multi-head split system, where the exterior unit is mounted on a suitable wall outside another to-be-air-conditioned room in your property.

Independent temperature control

Each air-conditioned room can have a different temperature, as the individual interior units have their own remote control, regardless of the number of exterior units you have installed. It’s up to you whether you want to turn off the system in one room while keeping it on in another.

Indoor air quality

Nowadays, split air conditioning systems come with improved air filtering and humidity control functionalities, which makes them an ideal solution for families with children and people who suffer from or are susceptible to developing some sort of allergies.

What to expect from us when you book a split air-con system fitting service

If you choose Fantastic Handyman Sydney for your split-system air conditioner installation, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a complete solution to your property’s heating and cooling needs. Check out below what you can expect from us:

  • On-site inspection - Upon arrival, the skilled air-con system installers will discuss your requirements with you. They will check out the exterior walls of your property and inspect the rooms where the units are going to be installed.
  • Professional advice - The technicians can advise you on selecting the right type of heating/cooling system for your house, on the right-sized units and on the best interior walls they should be mounted on.
  • System supply and delivery - We can deliver and install the AC units of your choice or wall-mount those you’ve already purchased.
  • Professional installation - The certified electricians will install your system units expertly and securely, with your property’s energy efficiency in mind.
  • Safety certificate - You will receive a safety installation certificate so that the product warranty remains valid.
  • Maintenance tips - Maintaining your air-con system is important, in order to ensure that it is energy-efficient and safe for use.

We can install both single and multi-head split-system air conditioners anywhere in the Sydney area, no matter if you book the service for your home or business property. In addition, don’t hesitate to contact us, should you require a split-system air conditioner repair or maintenance service, too!