Refrigerator repairs and maintenance services in Sydney

Refrigerator diagnostics and maintenance regardless of the brand and model
  • Fast and reliable repairs
  • 1-year guarantee after performing of service
  • 7 days and public holidays slots
  • Same-day bookings

Have your fridge or freezer repaired in just 4 simple steps

  1. Book a fridge repair or maintenance job via our website
  2. Show the tradesman your fridge, so he can perform a diagnostic
  3. The technician will fix your appliance in one visit, if possible
  4. Your fridge will be stress tested to make sure it works properly after the service

What kind of fridge problems can the Sydney technicians fix?

It’s common for old refrigerators to break down, but that doesn’t mean new ones are 100% protected either. Some problems you can fix yourself, and some require a professional approach. Whatever the case maybe, Fantastic Handyman will restore your unit to its full potential in a fast and stress-free manner.

Some typical problems you may encounter with your fridge:

  • The unit has a broken door
  • The fridge is not cold
  • The freezers is leaking water

If one or more of these symptoms arise, you can count on the Sydney technicians to take the following action

  • Fridge and freezer repairs;
  • Fridge freezer repairs;
  • American fridge freezer repairs.

Get in touch today and have your fridge or freezer back in working order!

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Why should you call Fantastic Handyman to repair your fridge in Sydney? Quality


All the technicians we work with are qualified, insured and experienced. This means that they can service any freezer or fridge, regardless of the brand and model. Also, the handymen use original spare parts purchased directly from the manufacturers, ensuring that the repairs performed on your unit are permanent and of the highest standard.

Convenient appointments

Have us fix your freezer or refrigerator on a day that is convenient for you, even if it's a weekend or a public holiday. We also do same-day repairs, subject to availability.

Serving both residential and commercial properties

The Sydney technicians can easily repair any type of fridges and freezers on-site, be it in private homes or at any commercial property such as: restaurants, hotels, bars and so on.

1-year guarantee for all repairs

Sometimes, things may simply not go according to plan. That is why each performed job or replaced part by the certified technician is fully guaranteed for a period of one year.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will it take for my fridge to get fixed?

A: The repair service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of damage.

Q: Can I pay the technician with a credit card?

A: Yes. We take credit card payments.

Q: Is there a warranty for your repair and installation services?

A: Yes, we provide you with a 1-year warranty.

Q: Why do you need to come to my house to diagnose my appliance?

A: Because there might be several different causes for your appliance to malfunction and we need to determine which one it is. Once we know that, we’ll know how to repair it.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Yes, if you wish to cancel, just let us know 24 hours before the scheduled time.