Hire a Wall Painting Expert to Take Part in a Game of Colours

We don't let a drop of paint touch the floor even when we are painting a ceiling

Let us bring the colour in your home by entrusting your house painting project with us! We are well known in town for our diligence, precision and attention to detail. And our help won’t break the bank, either!

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Enjoy your newly painted walls of your dream colour tone

We paint any type of interior surfaces

Fantastic Handyman Sydney specialises in interior wall painting services, as well painting ceilings, interior painting service, wooden window frames, doors, furniture, skirting boards, etc. We ensure that your floor space is comprehensively protected prior to the service to avoid mess and damage to the flooring. The service generally includes the following steps: the preparation of the surface (stripping off old paint, sanding, primer application, patching and filling in cracks, etc, depending on your particular project) and the actual painting work (in several coats with the selected suitable material, where drying time in between coats applies).

Value for money solutions

For small painting projects, you may be charged by the hour, where you pay for what you get in the most transparent manner. The cost of materials is excluded from the service and it is up to the client whether they want to purchase the paint themselves or we order it on their behalf. Large home painting projects are quoted after an on-site consultation has taken place. The precise breakdown of the cost estimate gives you a clear picture of what you are paying for, including the materials and paint, the preparation work and the labour for the actual painting, etc.

The trustworthy handymen

The professional painters we rely on understand the aesthetics of colour schemes and how it can be utilized to complement your home renovation project. The hard-working handymen will professionally decorate your interior to your express specifications. They are qualified, experienced and insured and will undertake the task, equipped with all the necessary tools, required for the job.

How to book

We offer different channels for easy contact with us: online bookings, a quick chat in real time via the live chat on this website, booking options through our mobile app - GoFantastic or simply by calling us over the phone. Your service request details will be followed through promptly by our customer support team. We strive to provide our clients with flexible appointment solutions, including on weekends and in the evenings.

Quality assurance

We are passionate about what we do and this translates into a job done to a perfect finish and a large number of returning customers. We guarantee our workmanship through applying quality assurance measures and by following industry-set standards. We are a fully insured home service provider in Sydney, which is part of a recognisable brand.

More services to choose from

You can rely on our company’s experience in providing many more solutions that fit your property needs. Along with the expert painters, we also work with qualified floor installation technicians and carpenters, furniture assemblers and fitters, skilled handymen who will wall mount, hang, install the fixtures and fittings or tackle the home repairs for you, wallpapering specialists, professional tilers and more. Feel free to inquire about how you can combine any of our services, like carpentry or home renovations, listed on this website and save money, time and effort in the process.

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