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Update your home with a ducted air conditioning system with the help of Fantastic Handyman in Sydney. Not only will you have full control on the temperature in your entire property, but you’ll also get to save a little bit of money from your electrical bills, thanks to the zoning functions of the system. Having a ducted air conditioning system is one of the most convenient ways to regulate the temperature in your house in both the winter and summer months. Make life a little bit easier for yourself and upgrade your Sydney home with Fantastic Handyman’s professional ducted air conditioning system installation.

How the ducted air conditioning system works

Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling system - sounds complicated, right? Well, in reality, ducted air conditioning operates on a simple principle and has a few components. The system consists of a big central unit, ducts (hence the name), grilles, vents and a thermostat. Ducted air conditioning systems are designed in a pretty cool way that lets you install the system on either the ceiling or on the floor of your property - basically whatever is most convenient for you.

Many homeowners have opted for this type of indoor climate control system, due to the fact that you get to control the temperature in your entire property. For example, if you don't spend a lot of time in certain rooms, you can adjust the thermostat to zone the warm or cool air only to specific areas, which will significantly lower your bills. How awesome is that?

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The advantages of having a ducted air conditioning system

You get to have full control on the climate in your property

Remember the reverse cycle thing we talked about earlier? It basically means that you can use the ducted air conditioning system to keep your home warm in the winter months, or to fight the unbearably high temperatures in the summer with the cooling function.

Convenient zoning functionalities

Want to use the climate control system only for specific rooms? No problem. You can adjust the settings of the system to keep only certain rooms warm or cool. And, of course, like all other climate control options, you can also choose a specific temperature for the areas.

High utility bills are a thing of the past

Thanks to the zoning functionalities of the ducted air conditioning system, you get to significantly lower your utility costs.

The system is easy and cost-effective to maintain

It really is! The only thing that you have to do is get the main parts (general unit, ducting, grilles and air outlets) cleaned no more than twice a year.

Why pick our ducted air conditioning services in Sydney

For starters - we are pretty cool. The professionals we work with have many years of experience, are especially trained, and 100% ready to handle any maintenance job you give them, including:

  • Install a ducted heating and cooling system in your home;
  • Help you maintain the system by servicing it regularly;
  • Repair or replace any faulty components;

Oh, and did we mention that we can actually supply you with the air conditioning system? Yup, you just pick what type of brand and model you want, and we will take care of everything else. So, don’t wait any longer and book Fantastic Handyman’s professional ducted air conditioning services in Sydney!