A Hassle-free Experience with Sydney's Furniture Assembly Specialists

Upgrading your place with new furniture? Let Fantastic Handyman assemble everything in the pro way!

If your new IKEA wardrobe has been sitting in its package for weeks, isn't it time to call the furniture assembly experts? Fantastic Handyman Sydney can be your handy and trusty pro! We've got the tools & the know-how to turn the flat pack segments into a trendy piece!

Common items our assemblers put together

Your Fantastic Handyman in Sydney can assemble any type of furniture in an expert & safe manner. From wardrobe installation, kitchen installation, desk & table assembly to deck furniture and bed frame assembly - we've got the skills, the tools and the enthusiasm to take care of your needs.

Fantastic Handyman Sydney will assemble your piece of flat-pack furniture professionally, whether it will be used in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room or outdoors. We will decrypt the manufacturer’s instructions for any brand, so you can rest assured that your wardrobe will be upright and standing with us even if it has not been purchased from IKEA.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Furniture Assembly is Always Easier When Someone Else Does it

The furniture assembly specialists are fully insured

Our company works with qualified, insured and multi-skilled technicians who will perform a flat pack furniture assembly to the highest standard. They arrive at your property in neat uniforms and equipped with power tools and a professional set of hardware supplies. The handymen are experienced in assembling a wide range of brands of flat pack furniture.

We provide quality work, backed up by guarantees

Fantastic Handyman Sydney takes all aspects of the experts’ job performance very seriously. We monitor closely how each project or task has been completed and ensure that any inadvertent and unlikely mishaps during the service are remedied promptly and to your satisfaction. You are always welcome to drop us a line and share what you think.

Our booking options are more than flexible

Time is money and we understand that your free time may be one of the most valuable assets you have in your fast-paced life. So, to make things easier for our clients, we offer a 7-day booking availability, including public holidays and service appointments in the evenings. We may be able also to respond to short-notice requests or even provide a service for you on the same day that you have contacted us. You can get in touch with us by phone, via the live chat, through the online booking form or by downloading our GoFantastic mobile app.

You are in control of your spending

This service is charged on an hourly basis and the only requirement we have is that you book a minimum of one hour. The service, then, can be executed and rounded up to the subsequent half an hour. This means that you will pay only for the time that the technician has spent on completing the task. Projects that take longer than merely a few hours may be subject to discount rates.

We can help with almost anything around your home

Please, check out the services we offer! And keep in mind that you can save time and money if you book a handyman who is able to address a variety of odd jobs for you, along with completing your furniture assembly task. From home repairs, fixtures and fittings mounting, painting services, mirror fitting, door fitting to kitchen fitting and bathroom furniture installation, property renovations,  - they’ve got the tools and knowledge to get it right. Please, note that some large home improvement projects can be scheduled only after a viewing.

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