Tips on How to Install Your Carpet & Keep It Like New

Carpet installation requires attention to details, so it’s important to know how to do it properly. After you’ve selected the perfect one that fits your needs, make sure you have the right tools. Some of the main instruments are a heavy-duty stapler, utility knife, hammer, measuring tape, carpet stretcher, kicker, and carpet iron. Now when you have an idea what you need to begin, you can learn the entire process on how to install your carpet.

Be Prepared

All of the furniture and equipment in the room must be moved. If you’re painting or plastering, first do these and then you can start with the real installation.

Installation Process

  • First, you have to remove the old carpet and it’s padding because your new one must be installed on a clean surface. Also, you have to remove the cove bases, trims that may hinder carpet removal, and moldings, if there are any. You can easily remove your carpet by rolling it, starting from the one end of the room to the other.
  • Start with a carpet strip that overlaps your floor by at least 10 cm. Now is the moment when you have to measure the room and at its longest point add 10 – 12 cm.
  • Sometimes cutting the carpeting is needed, so make sure you put scrap board underneath during this process. That way you’ll protect the underlying surface because cutting it from its backside with a sharp knife could mean a significant damage.
  • You must trim the carpet at each doorway. The edge could be centered under the closed door. Now it’s time to install the door edge strip to hide if there is gaping or transition.
Wall-to-wall carpet

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If you require assistance with this or another home maintenance task, our carpet installation technicians in Melbourne are ready to provide you the help you require.

After the Installation

Your carpet will not be permanent, so there are some tips to follow to keep it like new for as long as possible. This could be easier than you think, so keep reading.

  • The first rule you have to follow is choosing the right colour, that means to fit the home interior. Make sure you’re picked a floor covering with colour that suits your needs and matches your interior. If you have kids, teenagers, or pets, darker shades are probably the better choice.
  • Rinse the carpet cleaner when you’re done using it. Some people clean up stains and spills without rinsing the cleaner. Neglecting that can attract dirt and next time you’re cleaning your carpet you’ll have a bad surprise.
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly. No matter how you prevent dirt, it’s important to vacuum often. You must keep your carpet looking great, right? Try to vacuum it at least once a week.
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