The Most Useful Guide on How to Mount Your TV on the Right Place

There are few things you must consider during mounting you new TV. But following this guide you can’t go wrong and your comfort is guaranteed. So let’s get straight to the point.

Where is The Best Place to Mount Your TV?

  • It isn’t Above the Fireplace For Sure

Why mounting your TV above the fireplace is not a good idea? Do you examined the idea of placing it above your fireplace? It seems reasonable at first, but this is one of the worst choices you could possibly make. First, the heat of the fireplace can reduce the lifespan of the TV. If it damages it, you loose the warranty service. And second, staring in the direction of the fireplace will dry your eyes and make the experience close to unbearable.

  • Pain in The Neck

There are some interior designers that can tell you that positioning your TV over the fireplace, or somewhere else high is a good idea. DON’T listen to them. Keep in mind that mounting your flat screen more than 15 degrees below or above your line of sight will surely mess with the picture quality. At the same time, mounting your TV high will put unnecessary strain on your neck. Suggestion: the center of the screen should be at the eye-level from where you are going to be sitting, even slightly below.

  • First Configuration

When you take your new TV at home, you must change its settings because the store ones are configured for very bright spaces. There are a lot of settings new models of TVs have. So take a look at the diverse configurations and see if there is “home theater”, “cinema” mode, or something along these lines.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Mount Your TV

When you’re done with all the things that precede the actual job, choose the right sport and let’s get down to it.

  • Place the Bracket on The Wall

Avoid any wiring when you place the bracket. Using the cutouts, mount your framework. Mark the position where you’ll fix your screen.

  • Bolt Attachment

Pre-drill the first hole and hold the TV bracket. Then affix the first coach bolt. Don’t tighten the bolt yet because you have to put the remaining ones.

  • Affix the Other Bolts

After the first bolt is in place, it’s time to tighten the other ones. Pre-drill the other marked out holes and screw in the bolts, but make sure they are well-leveled. If they are, then you can tighten all the bolts.

  • Bolt For the TV

You must find the right bolt for your TV. Tighten it well using a star washer. If you meet any difficulty with this or any other odd jobs, you always have the option to contact our TV wall mounting experts in Melbourne.

  • Attach the Bracket hooks

Secure the bracket hooks at the back of your TV using the bolts you’ve selected and star washers.

  • Plug in Your TV

Plug in the power cords before mounting your TV because then you’ll have no place where to do it. After putting it on the wall, you must tighten the screws at the bottom of the bracket and that is all. Now, you can watch your TV programs with pleasure…

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