Let Fantastic Handyman Melbourne Tackle Your Home Repairs

All home repairs can be done swiftly when you've got a handyman to help

Why not have one versatile handyman fix all small mishaps and accidental breakages around your Melbourne home? Whether outdoors or indoors, most home repair tasks can be addressed by us. You can count on a skilled handyperson who has the right tools to handle a variety of property maintenance odd jobs.

Your Fantastic Handyman can assist you with:

Fence Installation

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Here's why you can leave your odd jobs or home repair tasks to us

A range of home repairs we can help you with

Fantastic Handyman Melbourne offers affordable help with most types of home repairs. There will be people who feel practical enough to handle some of them themselves but more often than not their free time is scarce to get on with jobs or the right equipment is missing from their toolbox. And this is where we come handy - from gutter repairs and other exterior odd jobs or fixes to a list of indoor repair tasks, such as furniture repairs, door repairs, replacement of light fittings and more.

Reasonable hourly rates & special discounts

Your home repairs service comes to you at competitive hourly rates. We require a minimum booking of one hour, after which the time spent is rounded up, if applicable, to the next half an hour. We also offer discount rates for full day appointments when you can have all your odd jobs and small repairs done and crossed off your tasks list. And if you request our services online, you receive a complimentary 10% off the price.

A 7-day service when you need it

We work with reliable handymen and tradesmen who are prepared to skip their weekend activities and offer their assistance to a client in need. So, feel free to inquire about our weekend or evening appointment availability for your location. You can easily request our home repairs help by calling us or by completing the online booking form with your details. Additionally, you can download the GoFantastic app or use the live chat option on this website.  

Friendly & hard-working handymen

When you hire a dexterous handyman, you would expect them to be friendly, polite, prompt, hard-working and most importantly, to know what they are doing. Well, this is exactly what we would expect, hence, we have ensured that the Fantastic handymen, technicians and tradesmen fit this profile and beyond. They are comprehensively insured, fully equipped with high-end power tools and hardware supplies to complete most home repair tasks.

Expertise and quality is what we believe in

If something is broken at home, there is no point fixing it unless the repair job is done correctly and the item functionality has been improved. Hence, we make sure that we fix, repair and replace to restore furniture or return fixtures and fittings to a good working order and make them look as new. Fantastic Handyman Melbourne guarantees the quality of work that you are paying for by working only with experienced, skilled and trustworthy handymen. We will be glad to hear about your experience with the service.

Don’t just maintain your property, improve it!

Your property maintenance needs are comprehensively covered by our home repairs services, fixtures and fittings installation and replacement solutions and more. But with us, you can also make the step of enhancing your home interior by opting for our bespoke renovation services. Whether you need an expert in tiling and grouting, a furniture assembler, a bathroom fitting technician or a painter and decorator, we’ve got the qualified specialists to assist you.