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Man fixing a door.

The Standard Door Sizes in Australia

Every homeowner wants the perfect door for their home. Choosing the right door is important, as it can prevent your home from being burglarized, it can increase the value of your home and overall improve the look of your home. Here are the standard sizes you can choose from.

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Man drilling in plaster wall.

How to Install Floating Shelves. Step by Step Guide

Installing floating shelves is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to know the steps! Luckily, the Fantastic handymen have put together the perfect guide for you! Here’s how to add more storage space to your room by yourself.

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Huge vertical crack on a brick wall.

Cracks in Brick Walls: Why Brick Walls Crack and How to Repair Cracked Bricks

There is a huge chance that the building you live in is made from bricks, and the chance that you will have a problem with cracked brick walls is pretty big as well. So, how do you know if they’re dangerous? Check our guide to see if there’s a reason to worry about.

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Man installing a door knob in a new door to be hanged

How to Hang a Door: Ultimate Guide of How to Choose, Install and Maintain a Door by Yourself

Hanging a door by yourself can be challenging. Luckily the Fantastic Handymen are here to help you with your door hanging, installation and maintenance. Here’s what you need to know to replace your old door.

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A thief entering trough the front door,

Home Security Tips: Protect Your House from Burglaries in Melbourne

Getting robbed is no good thing. More and more houses in Melbourne are getting robbed, and it’s partly fault of the owners. As a homeowner, you’re responsible for protecting your house from burglaries. Here’s how you can make your home more burglar-resistive.

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How to choose the optimal curtains for your home.

How To Choose Curtains Types: Styles, Functionality and Privacy

Choose the right curtains for your home. The Fantastic Handyman team goes through all curtain types so you can choose the best ones for you.

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How to plan, execute and complete a successful kitchen renovation in your home.

How to Plan a Kitchen Renovation Like a Professional

Learn how to professionally plan your next kitchen renovation and get the best bang for your buck. We list the process of planning and preparing for a kitchen renovation like the Fantastic Handymen do.

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Vinyl sheets of interior wall covering protection

Keep Your Walls Like New with the Perfect Protective Wall Covers

We all love clean, good-looking walls, but sometimes it’s hard to keep them in pristine condition. Luckily there are ways to keep your walls looking good, the interior fresh and the cleaning easy with protective wall covers.

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Woman slipping next to a sign.

Slip, Trip and Fall Proof Your Home

It’s easy to fall and slip, it’s even easier to slip and fall-proof your own home. Here are the best practices to proofing your home against accidents. With these simple tips, you’ll keep yourself and your family safe!

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Moisture proofing your kitchen

Moisture Proofing Your Home

Moisture can do some real damage to your property and even your health. We put together to prepare you for the coming winter.

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