Make a Stunning Interior by Using World Maps

Do you have a big wall in your living room that you want to somehow decorate? There are many beautiful and interesting wall decals, but I have an outside of the box suggestion here – maps. Maps are colourful and they’re exciting, so the idea is really worth the shot. If you decide to go with a map for your wall decoration, know that it will come to remind you of all the wonderful places you’ve been, or help you pick the next destination you want to visit.

Australia Map

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More good news: there are a whole lot of different types of maps to choose from. World maps, maps of countries, cities, buildings, even sea and subway maps. You have a very rich choice so go crazy. Another thing worth mentioning is that when you’re shopping for your interior décor, you can easily find map motifs on accessories, like bedding, furniture, throw pillows and the likes.

Use Maps as Wallpaper

If you’re not a fan of paint your walls but want to add colour and interesting look to them nonetheless, you can easily make that happen by using maps as wallpapers. Just cut the maps as needed to fit them around windows and doorways, and use double-stick tape to attach them to the walls. It’s so easy and the investment is not at all large.

Old Maps for Blinds

Have you seen blinds which are actually old maps? Yes, they look exactly the way you remember them from elementary school. Don’t you think that it’s cute to have them at home too? I love it. There are many types of maps on e-bay, so you can quickly buy one. I’ve tried putting maps on the blinds in my house in Melbourne, and it looks great. Everyone who enters my home enjoys them a lot. That whole endeavour is quite easily achieved, but if you can’t hang the maps in your room by yourself, you can always go with one of the Fantastic Handyman Teams to help you make your home interior stunning.

Colourful Map

Make your living room livelier by adding more colours in it. You can do that by using the full world map with bold colours such as grey, dark green, black, dark gold, etc. That way you’ll give your interior an elegant look. Decorate it properly with the furniture in the room. If your chairs are in green, then your map must be in green as well.

Map decorating

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Vintage Maps

If you want to add an old feature in your home, the vintage maps are the right choice for you. Because of their attractive design, they’ll definitely give you the inspiration you need when including them into your interior.

Tip: If you have a library room with white walls, the light brown maps will be the best match for it. You’ll be amazed of that new look.

Small Decorating Ideas

If your maps are obsolete and you can’t put them on the walls, you can bring them back to life another way. Learn how:

– Create a map frame which will remind you of your memories of a certain place.

– Why not cover your coffee table with an old vintage map? Choose the classic style and you’ll see that your decision is not wrong.

– Do you have an art piece on your kid’s bed headboard? Try covering it with a map and make the children room more engaging. And why not even add that same feature in your room as well?

– Do you have a lampshade with a simple, dull design? Diversify the atmosphere in your living room by covering the lampshade in a small map.

Maps are fun and not many people come to grips with the endless possibilities they present in terms of home decoration. They not only make your interior livelier, but you might actually learn a thing or two as well, or send you to another place, even if it’s for a short while.

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