Prepare For The Holidays

Beautiful and Stylish Christmas Decorations for 2017!

a box of christmas decoration

The things that make Christmas so special are the details and the hard work we put into making our homes feel festive. Here are this year decoration trends that will make your home look beautiful, festive and modern.

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How To Make Your Own Scary House

spooky Halloween house

Halloween. The night of the dead is just around the corner and everyone in Australia and around the world is trying to make their houses as spooky as possible. However, a fake skeleton and some fake blood spilt around the house is kind of mediocre. Everyone does it and it certainly won’t scare 13-year-olds nowadays….

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How to Prepare Your Home For Colder Weather

Last winter the snow came quite unexpectedly and caught us by surprise for many of us. And despite opening up some amazing views, it brought concern for some homeowners as well. That’s because a lot of us have the bad habit of not preparing their houses for the coming cold weather which in some cases…

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